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1S Employee Verification    - Duane Doppler (225) 379-1230 Administrative Program Specialist, Room 300-B E-mail: Duane Doppler HR Records Management ...
1U Roadside Memorials    - What is Louisiana's policy on roadside memorials? Roadside memorials are encroachments on DOTD right of way and are il...Freq, 09
511    - Contact: 511 or Out-of-State callers may call 1-888-ROAD-511 (1-888-762-3511) Contact: Louisiana State Police a... ... website
AASHTO Bookstore ... website
Accounting    - Contact: (225) 379-1645 The Financial Services section is located on the fourth floor, east wing of the DOTD HQ located at 12...15
Adopt-a-Road    - What is the Adopt-A-Road Program and how can I be part of it? The Adopt-A-Road Program provides an opportunity for organiz... ... website
Advertisement Logo Signs (Interstate)    - What is the Logo Sign Program? The Logo Sign Program is a state administered Interstate signing program for businesses that ... ... website45
Agency Costs
Aggregate Testing22
Agreements    - Aviation Agreements- Contact: (225) 274-4125 City/State Agreements- Contact: (225) 379-1989 Joint/Use Agreements - Con... ... website
Alexandria District    - Contact: 318-561-5000 or 1-800-542-3509 A seven parish region around Alexandria consisting of Avoyelles, Grant, Natchitoches... ... website08
Alligator Cracking    - A series of interconnecting cracks in an asphalt pavement surface forming a pattern that resembles an alligator's hide or chicke...
American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials    - The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association representing... ... websiteAASHTO
Analysis Period    - The period of time used in making economic comparisons between rehabilitation alternatives. The analysis period should not be co...
Annual Cost    - Any costs associated with the annual maintenance and repair of the facility.
Application Temperature    - The manufacturer's recommended temperature to be used when installing sealant. For hot-applied sealants, the application tempera...
Archives & Records (Louisiana State)    - Contact: (225) 922-0105 ... website
Army Corps of Engineers    - The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is made up of approximately 34,600 Civilian and 650 military members. Military... ... websiteUSACE
Asphalt Tack Coat    - A light application of asphalt, usually asphalt emulsion (liquid) diluted with water. It is used to ensure a bond between two bi...
Asset Management    - A systematic process of maintaining, upgrading, and operating physical assets cost-effectively. It combines engineering principl...
Association of Levee Boards in Louisiana    - Association of Levee Boards Post Office Box 2961Baton Rouge, LA 70821 (225) 243-4452 faxlouisianalevee@live.comFrom the nort... ... websiteALBL
Audit Section    - MISSON: The mission of the Audit section is to perform audits, financial reviews and related services testifying to the truth,...31
Average Daily Traffic Count    - Contact: (225) 242-4560 or ... websiteADT
Aviation Section    - Contact: (225) 379-3050 Our mission is to continue to improve our aviation infrastructure to insure a safe, modern and well man... ... website88
Backer Material    - A compressible material that is placed in joints or cracks before applying sealant to prevent bonding of the sealant on the bott...
Baton Rouge District    - Contact: (225) 231-4100 or 1-800-256-1875 A nine parish region around Baton Rouge consisting of Ascension, Assumption, East ... ... website61
Before You Dig    - DOTD Fiber Locates - DOTD has fiber optic lines along our highways that are not on LA 1 Call. When we are notified, DOTD sends o... ... website
Bicycle Program    - The mission of the Bicycle and Pedestrian unit is to plan, design and manage bicycle and pedestrian facilities that provide safe... ... website
Bid Lettings    - Plans: Contact: (225) 379-1107 Proposals: Contact: (225) 379-1111 Please note that no bids will be accepted after the bid clos... ... website
Bituminous Pavement    - A pavement comprising an upper layer or layers of aggregate mixed with a bituminous binder, such as asphalt, coal tars, and natu...
Bleeding    - Excess asphalt binder occurring on the pavement surface. The bleeding may create a shiny, glass-like surface that may be tacky t...
Block Cracking    - A rectangular pattern of cracking in asphalt pavements that is caused by hardening and shrinkage of the asphalt. Block cracking ...
Blow-up (Pavement)    - Buckling and shattering of PCC pavement resulting from thermal expansion and the resultant compressive forces exceeding the stre...
Blue Book
Bond Breaker    - Any material used to prevent bonding or to separate adjacent pavement layers. Thin bituminous layers are often used as bond brea...
Bonded Concrete Overlay    - This overlay provides an increase in the pavement structure of a concrete pavement by addition of concrete thickness in direct c...
Break (Curing)    - The process in the curing of an asphalt emulsion (liquid) by which the globules of asphalt become separated from the water. The ...
Bridge Corrective Maintenance    - Maintenance performed once a deficiency occurs on the bridge. Examples: pothole filling, spall repair and bridge rail repair.
Bridge Design    - Contact: (225) 379-1302 Mission of Bridge Design Section To design and detail bridges and related structures which are cost ef... ... website25
Bridge Emergency Repairs    - describes work activities generally necessary to return a bridge back to a minimum level of service following a significant even...
Bridge Maintenance Division    - Contact: (225) 379-158155
Bridge Major Rehabilitation    - Consists of structural or operational improvements that extend the service life of an existing bridge and/or improve its load-ca...
Bridge Management Systems    - Contact: (225) 242-4578 Bridge and Pavement Management Systems Provide information on existing condition for the State... ... websiteBMS, 21
Bridge Minor Rehabilitation    - Consists of repairs to address deterioration of structural elements, protective surfaces or riding surfaces to extend the servic...
Bridge Preservation    - A program employing a network level, long term strategy that enhances bridge performance by using an integrated, cost-effective ...41
Bridge Preventive Maintenance    - Is a planned strategy of systematic, cost-effective treatments to existing bridge elements that preserve the current condition a...
Bridge Replacement    - Is the replacement of the entire existing deficient bridge structure.
Bridge Routine Maintenance    - Defined as repair work typically performed by DOTD that is planned and carried out on a scheduled basis to maintain the bridge. ...
Budget Section    - Contact: (225) 379-123638
Business Services    - Contact: (225) 379-112326
California Profilograph    - A rolling straight-edge tool used for evaluating pavement profile (smoothness) consisting of a 7.5m (25-ft) frame with a sensing...
Capital Area Transit System    - CATS ; City Bus; 225-389-8282 OR 389-8920 (Location: 2250 Fla.... ... websiteCATS
Carbide Milling    - Surface removal or sawing done with a carbide milling machine. The machine uses a blade or arbor (a beam or shaft) equipped with...
Causeway Bridge (Lake Pontchartrain)    - Contact: (504) 835-3118 (Mon-Fri. 9:00 am - 5:00 pm) The bridge is not a part of the Louisiana Transportation and Development ... ... website
Certifications    - Contact: (225) 767-9131 Certification is required if someone is working as an inspector on a DOTD project. The type of certif... ... website
Chase District    - Contact: (318) 412-3100 or 1-800-256-1610 A six parish region around Chase consisting of Caldwell, Catahoula, Concordia, Fra...58
Chemically Curing Sealant    - A sealant material that reaches its final properties through the reaction of the component materials when mixed.
Chief Engineer, Construction & Maintenance    - Contact: (225) 379-153353
Child Safety Restraints - Louisiana State Police    - Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death and disability among children. Children who are not properly buckled up m... ... website
Chip Seal    - A surface treatment in which the pavement is sprayed with asphalt (generally emulsified - liquid) and then immediately covered w...
City Governments    - How do I report a problem with a road? To report a problem with a State or US highway, contact the appropriate DOTD distri... ... website
Civil Service, Louisiana Department of    - How do I find out about state jobs? Contact: Louisiana Department of Civil Service. ... website
Cohesion    - The internal bond (uniting) within a joint sealant material. Cohesion loss is seen as a noticeable tear along the surface and th...
Cold Applied Sealant    - A crack-sealing compound that is applied in an unheated state (generally at ambient (surrounding) temperature) and then reaches ...
Cold In-place Recycling    - A process in which a portion of an existing bituminous pavement is pulverized or milled, and then the reclaimed material is mixe...CIR
Cold Milling    - A process of removing pavement material from the surface of the pavement either to prepare the surface to receive overlays (by r...
Commercial Drivers License    - Commericial drivers licenses (CDL) are handled by Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV). Commercial drivers employed in the transportat... ... websiteCDL
Compliance Programs    - Contact: (225) 379-1382 or Compliance Programs Where can I obtain a list of certified DBE's? On the Construction Lettin... ... website37
Compressible Insert    - Material used to separate freshly placed concrete (such as from a partial-depth or full-depth repair) from existing hardened con...
Concrete Pavement Restoration    - A series of repair techniques used to preserve or improve the structural capacity or functional characteristics of a PCC pavemen...CPR
Construction Audit Claims    - Contact: (225) 379-158440
Construction Joint    - A joint constructed in a transverse (across) direction in PCC pavements to control cracking of the slab as it cures. Highway con...
Construction, Current    - Want to look at the current DOTD construction? Click on the map to view the current construction for a specific parish. ... website
Consultant Contract Services    - Contact: (225) 379-1989 Our Mission: To provide customer driven services through teamwork and partnership for consultant ... ... websiteCCS, 80
Contact Information    - To contact DOTD's Customer website
Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement    - PCC pavement constructed with sufficient longitudinal steel reinforcement to control transverse-crack spacings and openings in l...CRCP
Contract Maintenance    - The range of contracting methods and vehicles used by public transportation agencies to accomplish maintenance programs and supp...
Contract Services    - Contact: (225) 379-1989 80
Contracts & Specifications    - Contact: (225) 379-148580
Contraflow FAQ - Southeast    - Q. If I am travelling eastbound on I-12 toward Mississippi, will I be able to get on I-10 Eastbound at the I-12/I-59/I-10 juncti...
Corner Break    - A portion of a concrete slab separated by a crack that intersects the adjacent transverse or longitudinal joints at about a 45 d...
Corrective Maintenance    - Maintenance performed once a deficiency occurs in the pavement, for example the filling of a pothole.
Crack    - Fissure or discontinuity of the pavement surface not necessarily extending through the entire thickness of the pavement. Cracks ...
Crack Filling    - The placement of materials into non-working cracks to substantially reduce the intrusion of incompressibles and infiltration of ...
Crack Sealing    - A maintenance procedure that involves placement of specialized materials into working cracks using unique configurations to redu...
Cross Stitching    - A repair method that involves the drilling of holes diagonally across a crack in PCC pavement into which steel reinforcement bar...
Cure   - See Curing
Curing    - The maintenance of a satisfactory moisture content and temperature in concrete during its early stages so that desired propertie...
Curing Blanket    - A built-up covering of burlap sacks, matting, straw, waterproof paper or other suitable material placed over freshly finished co...
Curing Compound    - A liquid that can be applied as a coating to the surface of newly placed concrete to retard the loss of water, or in the case of...
Customer Service Center    - Contact: 1-877-4LADOTD (1-877-452-3683) or (225) 379-1232 Email: Hours: 7:30-5:30pm Monday-Friday. Please cont...01
Dam Safety Program    - definition ... website64
Damage Claims to Automobile    - How do I file a claim for damage done to my vehicle on a state route? If you have had damage caused to your car by a specifi...
Damage to state property    - If you have damaged state highway property such as a road sign or guardrail, and need to make a payment, contact DOTD Legal Depa...47
Dense-Graded Asphalt Pavement    - An overlay or surface course consisting of a mixture of asphalt binder and a well-graded (also called dense-graded) aggregate. A...
Depression    - Localized pavement surface areas at a lower elevation than the adjacent paved areas.
Design Life    - The expected life of a pavement from its opening to traffic until structural rehabilitation is needed. The typical reporting of ...
Diamond Grinding    - A process that uses a series of diamond-tipped saw blades mounted on a shaft or arbor to shave the upper surface of a pavement t...
Disadvantaged Business Enterprises    - Contact: (225) 379-1382 How can I obtain a certification application? Where can I obtain a list of Certified DBE's? On the Co... ... websiteDBE, 37
Districts    - Alexandria (District 08): (318) 561-5100 or 1-800-542-3509 (Avoyelles, Grant, Natchitoches, Rapides, Sabine, Vernon and Winn P...
DOT #    - Contact: 1-800-832-5660 or (225) 757-7640 You are required to provide a U.S. DOT number at the time of registration if your veh... ... website
DOTD Ex-Officio Notary List    - DOTD EX-OFFICIO NOTARY LIST Pursuant to LA R.S. 48:121 a DOTD Ex-Officio Notary has limited authority and may only no...47
Dowel    - Most commonly a plain round steel bar (usually coated, such as with paint or epoxy as a bond breaker), which extends into two ad...
Dowel Bar retrofit    - A rehabilitation technique that is used to increase the load transfer capability of existing jointed PCC pavements by placement ...
Driver's License ... website
Driveway Permits    - Contact: (225) 379-1510 the permit is called
Dyed Fuel    - Contact: (225) 925-6113 Louisiana State Police Motor Safety Unit ... website
Electronic Bidding    - Plans: Contact: (225) 379-1107 Proposals: Contact: (225) 379-1111 Please note that no bids will be accepted after the bid ... ... website
Emergency Preparedness, Office of Homeland Security ... websiteGOHSEP
Emergency Repairs    - Work activities generally necessary to return a pavement back to a minimum level of service following a significant event such a...
Emergency Reporting System for State Employees    - For state employees to check the emergency reporting system regarding weather related or other emergency situations whether to r...
Emulsified Asphalt    - A liquid mixture of asphalt binder, water, and an emulsifying agent. Minute globules of asphalt are suspended in water by using ...
Engineering Contract Advertisements    - Contact: (225) 379-1989 How can I get on the list to receive engineering advertisements? Click on the website link below.... ... website
Engineering Directives & Standards ... websiteEDSM, 1
Engineering Invoices    - Who do I contact regarding an engineering invoice? Contact: (225) 379-1405 ... website
Engineering, Office of    - Contact: (225) 379-1234 Follow the link to our contact page
Environmental Section    - Contact: (225) 242-4502 To provide environmental planning, analysis and documentation in accordance with the National Environm... ... website28
Evacuation / Emergency    - A work group of DOTD (Department of Transportation & Development), OEP (Office of Emergency Preparedness) and LSP (Louisiana... ... website
Fatigue Cracking
Faulting    - Differential vertical displacement of a slab or other member adjacent to a joint or crack. Faulting commonly occurs at transvers...
Federal Emergency Management Agency    - Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)'s mission within the Department of Homeland Security is to lead the effort to prepare... ... websiteFEMA
Federal Highway Administration    - At the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), we strive every day to improve transportation for a strong America. Our top priori... ... websiteFHWA
Fee Structure (DOTD Self-Generated)
Ferries    - Where and when do ferries run in Louisiana? For information on the operational status of the DOTD ferries, visit: http://wwwa... ... website
Ferry Toll Exemptions    - 1. All students traveling to/from school (R.S. 17:157) a. Be...42
FHWA/LaDOTD 2007 Stewardship Agreement ... website
Fiber Modified Sealant    - Generally a hot-applied sealant that is composed of unmodified or modified asphalt cement and heat resistant polymeric fibers an...
Flooding Information ... website
Fog Seal    - A light application of slow setting asphalt emulsion (liquid) diluted with water and without the addition of any aggregate appli...
Free Edge    - An unrestrained pavement boundary.
Freight and Passenger Rail    - Contact: (225) 379-3035 Freight & Passenger Rail: Our mission is to continuously improve our marine and rail infrastructure for ... ... website66
Fuel Resistant Sealant    - A joint or crack sealant compound that is resistant to and maintains serviceability after being exposed to fuel or other petrole...
Full-Depth Patching    - Removal and replacement of a segment of pavement to the level of the subgrade in order to restore areas of deterioration. May be...
Functional Performance    - A pavement's ability to provide a safe, smooth riding surface. These attributes are typically measured in terms of ride quality ...
GeauxPass    - GeauxPass is the Louisiana Department of Transportation's (LaDOTD) new statewide toll tag system. It is an electronic toll coll... ... website
General Information    - What is the department's name, address, email and phone number? The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DO...
Geographical Information Systems/Mapping    - 225-379-1283websiteGIS
GPS Coordinates for Louisiana    - What are the approximate GPS coordinates for the State of Louisiana? The Global Positioning System (GPS) expresses compu...
Greyhound Bus Service    - Greyhound Bus Service - 1-800-231-2222 Baton Rouge - (225) 383-3811 - Address: 1253 Florida St. New Orleans - (504) 525-93... ... website
Grinding Head    - Arbor or shaft containing numerous diamond blades or carbide teeth on diamond grinding or cold milling equipment.
Grooving    - The process used to cut slots into a pavement surface (usually, although not always, PCC) to provide channels for water to escap...
Hammond District    - Contact: (985) 375-0100 or 1-800-545-9280 A six parish region around Hammond consisting of Livingston, St. Helena, St. John, St...62
Heater Scarification    - The initial phase of a hot in-place recycling (HIR) process in which the surface of the old pavement is heated and mechanically ...
Highway Lighting Design and Lighting Projects    - Contact: Bridge Design Section - Electrical Gang - (225) 379-1302
Highway Miles    - DOTD is responsible for more than 16,683 miles of roadway and 894 miles of interstate.
Highway Safety Commission    - Mission Statement 225-925-6991 "The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission is committed to developing and implementing a compreh... ... website
Highway Safety Hardware Design    - Information on design and details for highway guard rail and bridge rail, ground mounted and overhead signing structures and oth...24
Highway Safety Section    - Contact: (225) 379-1871 Crash Data and Analysis Fatal Analysis Reporting System (FARS) Bicycle / Pedestrian Progr... ... website82
History of DOTD    - What is the history of DOTD? The Louisiana Legislature established the Board of State Engineers in 1898 to create a uniform pu...
Hot Air Lance    - A device that uses heated compressed air to clean, dry, and warm cracks prior to sealing.
Hot Applied Sealant    - A crack or joint sealing compound that is applied in a molten state and cures primarily by cooling to ambient (surrounding) temp...
Hot In-place Recycling    - A process which consists of softening the existing asphalt surface with heat, mechanically removing the surface material, mixing...HIR
Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete    - A thoroughly controlled mixture of asphalt binder and well-graded, high quality aggregate thoroughly compacted into a uniform de...HMAC
Hudson Initiative Program    - Full implementation of the procedures governing the Louisiana Initiative for Small Entrepreneurships, known as the Hudson Initia...
Human Resources    - contact: (225) 379-1259 How do I find out about job openings at Louisiana Department of Transportation (DOTD)? ... websiteHR, 16
Hurricane Flood Protection    - Contact: (225) 379-3000 ... website64
Hydraulics    - Contact:225-379-148224
Hydroplaning    - Loss of contact between vehicle tires and roadway surface that occurs when vehicles travel at high speeds on pavement surfaces w...
I-49 South (Updates) ... website
Intelligent Transportation Systems    - Contact: (225) 379-2516 ITS is a national initiative aimed at using state-of-the-art technology to increase the safety and effi... ... websiteITS
International Friction Index    - A measure of pavement macrotexture and wet pavement friction at 60 miles per hour determined using measured friction at some tes...IFI
International Roughness Index    - A measure of a pavement's longitudinal surface profile as measured in the wheelpath by a vehicle traveling at typical operating ...IRI
Interstate Interchange Development    - Contact: (225) 379-1380
Interstate Logo Signs    - Contact Name: Jordan VanGeffen Toll Free: 1(877)309-3078 Phone: 225-752-8640 Fax: 225-753-6603...45
Jefferson Financial Federal Credit Union    - 1-800-259-2471 or 504-348-2424 Baton Rouge: Extenstion 448, 433 or 432 Denham Springs: Extension 512, 538, 537 or 545 website
Joint    - A pavement discontinuity (break or gap) made necessary by design or by interruption of a paving operation.
Joint Depth    - The measurement of a saw cut from the top of the pavement surface to the bottom of the cut.
Joint Filler    - Compressible material used to fill a joint to prevent the infiltration of debris.
Joint Seal Deterioration    - Break down of a joint or crack sealant, such as by adhesion or cohesion loss, which contributes to the failure of the sealant sy...
Joint Sealant    - Compressible material used to minimize water and solid debris infiltration into the sealant reservoir and joint.
Joint Shape Factor    - Ratio of the vertical to horizontal dimension of the joint sealant. Factor can vary depending on type of sealant specified.
Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement    - PCC pavement constructed with regularly spaced transverse joints to control all natural cracks expected in the concrete. Dowel b...JPCP
Jointed Reinforced Concrete Pavement    - Portland cement concrete pavement containing regularly spaced transverse joints and embedded steel mesh reinforcement (sometimes...JRCP
Lafayette District    - Contact: (337) 262-6100 or 1-800-256-1817 An eight parish region around Lafayette consisting of Acadia, Evangeline, Iberia, ...03
Lake Charles District    - Contact: (337) 437-9100 or 1-800-542-6706 A five parish region around Lake Charles consisting of Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu...07
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge    - Contact: (504) 835-3118 (Mon-Fri. 9:00a-5:00p) Each weekday over 30,000 cars cross Lake Pontchartrain on ... ... website
Lane-to-Shoulder Dropoff    - (highways, roads and streets only) Difference in elevation between the traveled surface and the shoulder surface.
Legal Section    -

Legal Section (Intranet Information)

Legal Section Staff Directory (pdf) Legal Section Administrative ... ... website
Library    - The LTRC Library is open to members of the LaDOTD and LSU communities as well as other agencies and the general community, for a... ... website33
Life Cycle Costing    - An economic assessment of an item, system, or facility and competing design alternatives considering all significant costs of ow...
Life Extension    - The extension of the performance period of the pavement through the application of pavement treatments.
Litter Reduction and Public Action Program    - Department of Environmental Quality Citizens may report litterers by calling 1-888-LITRBUG; ... website
Load Transfer Efficiency    - A measure of the ability of a joint or crack to transfer a portion of a load applied on one side of a joint or crack to the othe...
Location and Survey    - Contact: (225) 379-1131 For Right of Way Maps Contact Charles Corder: (225) 379-4531 30
Logo Signs    - Contact Name: Jason Stelzer Toll Free: 1(877)309-3078 Phone: 225-752-8640 Fax: 225-753-6603 ...
Longitudinal Crack    - A crack or discontinuity in a pavement that runs generally parallel to the pavement centerline. Longitudinal cracks may occur as...
Longitudinal Joint    - A constructed joint in a pavement layer that is oriented parallel to the pavement centerline.
Loss Prevention    - Contact: (225) 237-1385 Major Job Responsibilities: Regulatory Compliance (Federal/State) Inspections Facilities...50
Lost & Found    - DOTD Headquarters Call Security Desk (225) 379-1995or Business Office (225) 379-1123 Rest AreasContact: (225) 379-1969 Roy.D...
Louisiana Associated General Contractors    - Contact: LAGC Headquarters 666 North St. Baton Rouge, LA 70802 (225) 344-0432 Louisiana Associated General C... ... websiteLAGC
Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority    - In December 2005, the Louisiana State legislature established the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) as the sin... ... websiteCPRA
Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality    - Contact: Customer Service 225-219-LDEQ (5337) or Toll Free 1-866-896-LDEQ (5337) ... websiteDEQ
Louisiana Directory of Cities, Towns and Villages ... website
Louisiana Division of Administration    - Contact: 1-800-354-9548 or (225) 342-7000 Louisiana Division of Administration: We hope to provide easy access to informat... ... websiteDOA
Louisiana Employees Online    - LEO- Louisiana Employee Online - providing State employees a universe of infomation. ... websiteLEO
Louisiana Government    - Need information pertaining to Louisiana Government? ... website
Louisiana Highway Safety Research Group    - ANNUAL TRAFFIC DATA STUDY RELEASEDThe Information Systems and Decision Sciences department (ISDS) at the LSU E. J. Ourso College... ... websiteHSRG
Louisiana Offshore Oil Port    - Contact Us: Phone (337) 262-6114 Fax (337) 262-6214 All About LOOP: BATON ROUGE - LOOP is America's first and only deep-wa... ... websiteLOOP
Louisiana One Stop Truck Center    - "Louisiana One Stop Truck Center" as a central location where truckers can get most of what is needed to do business in Louisian... ... website
Louisiana OneCall    - Louisiana One Call2215 West Boardwalk DriveBaton Rouge, LA 70816Toll Free: 800-584-4274Phone: 225-275-3700Fax: 225-272-1967 In ... ... website
Louisiana Property Assistance Association    -
Louisiana Regulations For Trucks, Vehicles and Loads    - Louisiana Regulations for Trucks, Vehicles and Loads manual. ... website
Louisiana Secretary of State    - Louisiana Secretary of State Start your visit by selecting from the links on this page, or try the What's New section to read... ... website
Louisiana Sheriffs' Association    - In 1938, a group of Louisiana sheriffs realized that they would need to formally organize themselves into a cohesive group to sp... ... websiteLSA
Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors    - Contact: (225) 765-2301 The purpose of the legislature in enacting this Chapter is the protection of the health, safety, and ... ... websiteLSLBC
Louisiana State Police    - Louisiana State Police 1-800-469-4828 or * LSP or *577 on a Cell Phone ... ... websiteLSP
Louisiana State Travel Regulations    - Contact: (225) 342-8053 Louisiana Office of State Purchasing and Travel ... website
Louisiana Transit Resource Guide    - Contact: (225) 274-4302 The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) Public Transportation Section has pub... ... website
Louisiana Transportation Authority ... websiteLTA
Louisiana Transportation Research Center    - Contact: (225) 767-9139 Since its creation by the legislature in 1986, Louisiana Transportation Research Center (LTRC) has grown... ... websiteLTRC, 19
Louisiana Unified Certification Program ... websiteUCP
Low Modulus Sealant    - A joint or crack sealing material, which is less stiff at low temperatures than standard grade sealants.
Major Rehabilitation    - Major rehabilitation consists of structural enhancements that extend the service life of an existing pavement system and/or impr...
Management and Finance, Office of    - Contact: (225) 379-1270 Follow the link to our contact page10
Managment Section    - Contact: (225) 242-4547: Provide information on existing conditions for the State Highway Network of ...
Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices    - The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, or MUTCD defines the standards used by road managers nationwide to install and ma... ... websiteMUTCD
Materials and Testing    - Contact: (225) 248-4131 The mission of the Materials and Testing Section is to develop, administer, and regulate the departm... ... websiteMat Lab, 22
Maximum Heating Temperature    - The maximum temperature, as recommended by the manufacturer, to which a hot-applied joint or crack sealant can be heated while c...
Melter    - A piece of equipment designed specifically to heat hot applied joint or crack sealant accurately and controllably to a temperatu...
Melter Applicator    - A piece of equipment designed specifically to melt, heat accurately and controllably, and apply hot-applied sealants to pavement...
Metropolitan Planning Organizations    - Lafayette MPO - (337) 291-8016 Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments (NLCOG) - (318) 841-5957 Regional Planning Commissio...MPO
Microsurfacing    - A mixture of polymer modified asphalt emulsion (liquid), mineral aggregate, mineral filler, water, and other additives, properly...
Mineral Filler    - A finely divided mineral product - commonly used mineral fillers include, limestone dust, hydrated lime, portland cement, and fl...
Minimum Application Temperature    - The minimum temperature, as recommended by the manufacturer, to which a hot-applied sealant for pavement cracks or joints must b...
Minor Rehabilitation    - Consists of non-structural improvements or repairs made to the existing pavement sections to address pavement distresses. ...
Modified Asphalt Chip Seal    - A variation on conventional chip seals in which the asphalt binder is modified with a blend of ground tire or latex rubber, or p...
Monroe District    - Contact: (318) 342-0100 or 1-800-256-1595 A nine parish region around Monroe consisting of East & West Carroll, Jackson, Lin...05
Motor Laws (Louisiana State Police)    - General Motor Laws Speed 70 mph on rural interstates 65 mph on multi-lane, divided state or U.S. highways with ... ... website
Motorcycle Safety Class    - ... website
Motorist Assistance Patrol    - If someone calls us with a MAP patrol request, a break down on the road, find out: Location, Direction, vehicle type, and phon... ... websiteMAP
Mowing Contract in Baton Rouge    - While DOTD is normally responsible for mowing the grass on the side of ...
Mowing Contracts    - Contact: (225) 379-1507 for information regarding "Maintenance Mowing Contracts." ... website42
Multimodal Commerce    - Contact: (225) 379-3038 Our mission is to continuously improve Louisiana's transportation infrastructure and provide an effici... ... website72
National Environmental Policy Act    - The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires federal agencies to integrate environmental values into their decision mak... ... websiteNEPA
National Flood Insurance Program    - Contact: (225) 274-4347 or (225) 274-3452 The Department of Transportation and Development is the State Coordinating Agency f... ... websiteNFIP, 64
New Orleans District    - Contact: (504) 437-3100 or 1-800-256-1599 A seven parish region around New Orleans consisting of Jefferson, Lafourche, Orleans...02
News Releases    - Contact: (225) 379-1232 ... website
Office of Motor Vehicles    - Contact: 225-925-6146 The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles handles Commercial drivers licenses (CDL), drivers' licenses, vehic... ... website
Office of Risk Management    - Contact: (225) 219-0168 Our mission is to develop, direct, achieve and administer a cost effective comprehensive risk ...ORM
Office of the Secretary    - Contact: (225) 379-120001
Open-Graded Friction Course    - A thin HMA surface course consisting of a mix of an asphalt binder and open-graded (also called uniformly graded) aggregate. An ...OGFC
Operation Lifesaver    - Operation Lifesaver is a non-profit, international continuing public education program first established in 1972 to end collisio... ... website
Operations, Office of    - 55
Outdoor Advertising    - This is signage that is outside of our right of way (usually for a business) but requires that the builder to meet with certain ... ... website
Overbanding    - Overfilling of a joint or crack reservoir so that a thin layer of crack or joint sealant is spread onto the pavement surface cen...
Parish and Town Boundaries Arc/GIS    - To see the official bundaries of cities, towns and parishes use this link. ... website
Partial Depth patching    - Repairs of localized areas of surface deterioration of PCC pavements, usually for compression spalling problems, severe scaling,...
Patch    - Placement of a repair material to replace a localized defect in the pavement surface.
Pavement & Geotechnical    - The primary function of Pavement and Geotechnical Design is to design pavement structures, foundations for bridges, retaining wa... ... website67
Pavement Distress    - External (visible) indications of pavement defects or deterioration.
Pavement Management Systems    - Contact: (225) 242-4577 or PMS, 21
Pavement Preservation    - A program employing a network level, long term strategy that enhances pavement performance by using an integrated, cost-effec...41
Pavement Replacement    - the replacement of the entire existing pavement structure by the placement of an equivalent or increased pavement structure gene...
PERBA Express    - Permit Office hours are weekdays 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Internet permits received after 3:00 p.m. may not be processed u... ... websitePERBA, 43
Performance Period    - The period of time that an initially constructed or rehabilitated pavement structure will perform before reaching its terminal s...
Permits (Driveway)    - How do I get a permit for my driveway?
Permits (Parade)    - Do I need a permit from DOTD for a parade, trail-ride, marathon, poker run, or border-to-border publicity event? DOTD does ...
Permits (Right-of-Way)    - The DOTD Right-of Way Permit Unit is responsible for regulating the location, design, methods for installing, adjusting, accommo... ... website
Permits (Truck)   - See Louisiana Division of Administration43
Photogrammetry    - DOTD's aerial photography unit (part of the DOTD Location and Survey section) responds to requests from various levels of local,...30
Planning & Programming, Office of    - Contact: (225) 379-1988 Fax: (225) 242-4552 Data Collection and Management Systems Pavement and Bridge Management Syste...12
Plans & Proposal Distribution    - Plans: Contact: (225) 379-1107 Proposals: Contact: (225) 379-1111 Please note that no bids will be accepted after the bid ... ... website
Plans Room    - DOTD Electronic Plans Distribution Center Contact: (225) 379-1077 Problems with Falcon ID or Password - PAtrick Wollerson 225-... ... website
Plant Mix    - See Hot Mix Asphalt.
Point Bearing    - Concentration of compressive stressed between small areas. May occur when a partial-depth patch in portland cement concrete pav...
Police Jury Association of Louisiana    - The Police Jury Association of Louisiana was created in 1924 to improve parish government in the State of Louisiana. Membership ... ... website
Polishing    - Wearing away of the surface binder, causing exposure of the coarse aggregate particles. A polished pavement surface is smooth a...
Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCC)    - A pavement constructed of portland cement concrete with or without reinforcement. Conventional PCC pavements include JPCP, JRCP...
Ports and Waterways    - Contact: (225) 379-3065 Ports and Waterways: The misison of the Ports & Waterways Division is to continuously improve the ma... ... website65
Potholes    - Loss of surface material in an HMA pavement to the extent that a patch is needed to restore pavement rideability.
Potholes (Who do I call to report a pothole?)    - How do I report a problem with a road? To report a problem with a road, contact the appropriate DOTD statewide at 1-877-45...
Potholes on a City Street?    - DOTD handles potholes on State and US routes. Contact your local District office or our office at: 1-877-4LADOTD (1-877-452-3683...
Preformed Compression Sealant    - An extruded joint sealing material for PCC pavement that is manufactured ready for installation and is supplied in rolls. Prefo...
Preliminary Program for Fiscal Year 2012-2013    - A series of Public Hearings will be held in accordance with LA R.S. 48:231 and conducted by the Joint Highway Priority Construct...
Present Serviceability Index (PSI)    - A subjective rating of the pavement condition made by a group of individuals riding over the pavement. May also be determined b...
Preventive Maintenance    - Is a planned strategy of cost-effective, non-structural treatments to existing pavements that preserves the current condition an...
Procurement / Purchasing    - (225) 379-1444 Procurement/ Purchasing will assist those individuals with Louisiana DOTD's procurement process. It will provide... ... website14
Project Control    - Contact: (225) 379-140180
Project Management    - Contact: (225) 379-132534
Project Numbers    - Contact: (225) 379-1425 Instructions for Requesting Project Numbers.H.000101
Projects to be Let within the next 6 months - By Parish ... website
Properties for Sale or Demolition    - Contact: (225) 237-1204 Land / Buildings for Sale Advertisements ... website
Proposal Deadline (Bid Letting)    - Plans: Contact: (225) 379-1107 Proposals: Contact: (225) 379-1111 Please note that no bids will be accepted after the bid ...
Public Information    - Contact: 1-877-4LADOTD (1-877-452-3683) ... website01
Public Meetings    - Contact: (225) 242-4502 or click on Public Meetings ... website
Public Records Request    - For public records or documents requests, fill out and email a Public Records Request Form to If... ... website47
Public Transportation    - Contact: (225) 379-3055 The mission of the Public Transportation program is to improve public transit in all areas of the State... ... website81
Public Works    - Contact: (225) 379-3000 Public Works and Water Resources: "To develop the full potential of Louisiana's water related resourc... ... website64
Publications/Manuals    - Click on Publications and Manual Link. ... website
Pumping    - Ejection of fine-grained material and water from beneath the pavement through joints, cracks, or the pavment edge, caused by the...
Purple Book
Qualified Products List    - Contact: (225) 248-4131 ... websiteQPL, 22
Quality Assurance Manual (Construction Plans Quality Control) ... website
Rail Safety    - Contact: (225) 379-154368
Raveling    - Wearing away of the pavement surface caused by the dislodging of aggregate particles and loss of asphalt binder.
Ready, Willing and Able    - website
Real Estate    - The home page of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Real Estate Section. This site is your gateway to th... ... website23
Recycling Agents    - Organic materials with specific chemical and physical characteristics that are used in pavement recycling to address binder defi...
Reflection Cracking    - Cracking that appears on the surface of a pavement above joints and cracks in the underlying pavement layer due to horizontal an...
Rejuvenating Agent    - Similar to recycling agents in material composition, these products are added to existing aged or oxidized HMA pavements in orde...
Reservoir    - The part of a portland cement concrete pavement joint that normally holds a sealant material, usually formed by a widening saw c...
Rest Areas    -