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Sabine River Authority    - Toledo Bend LakeThe Toledo Bend Project was constructed by the Sabine River Authority, State of Louisiana and the Sabine River A... ... websiteSRA, 60
Safe Routes to School Program    - Safe Routes to School programs all share one common goal - to improve the health of kids and the community by making walking and... ... website
SAFETY OPER & INFO SECTION    - Contact: 225-242-467850
Sales of Items    - How do I obtain more information on the sale of houses that are displaced by DOTD construction? DOTD disposes of houses ac... ... website
Sand Seal    - An application of asphalt binder, normally an emulsion (liquid), covered with a fine aggregate. It may be used to improve the s...
Sandblasting    - A procedure in which sand particles are blown with compressed air at a pavement surface to abrade and clean the surface. Sandbl...
Sandwich Seal    - A surface treatment that consists of application of asphalt emulsion (liquid) and a large aggregate, followed by a second applic...
Scenic ByWays    - Contact: Sharon Calcote at (225) 342-8142 Scenic ByWays ... website
Scrub Seal    - Application of a polymer modified asphalt to the pavement surface followed by the broom scrubbing of the asphalt into cracks and...
Sealant    - A material that has adhesive and cohesive properties to seal joints, cracks, or other various openings against the entrance or p...
Sealant Reservoir   - See Reservoir
Sealing    - The process of placing sealant material in prepared joints or cracks to minimize intrusion of water and incompressible materials...
Sealing Compound   - See Joint Sealant
Sections   - See Bridge Maintenance Division, Louisiana Division of Administration, Systems Preservation Section
Segregation    - Separation of aggregate component of asphaltic or portland cement by particle size during placement.
Serviceability    - Ability of a pavement to provide a safe and comfortable ride to its users. As such, it is primarily a measure of the functional...
Settlement    - A depression at the pavement surface that is caused by the settling or erosion of one or more underlying layers.
Shoving    - Localized displacement of an HMA pavement surface. Shoving is often caused by braking or accelerating vehicles.
Shreveport District    - Contact: (318) 549-8300 or 1-800-762-1852 A seven parish region around Shreveport consisting of Bienville, Bossier, Caddo, C...04
Signals / Signs (Traffic)    - For signals on State and Interstate Highways, contact our local District office. If the sign or signal is on a city stree...
Silicone Sealant    - A type of joint or crack sealant compound either self leveling or non-sag in application characteristics, that is based on polym...
Skid Resistance    - A measure of the frictional characteristics of a surface.
Slab Stabilization    - Process of injecting grout or bituminous materials beneath PCC pavements in order to fill voids without raising the pavement.
Slippage cracking    - Cracking associated with the horizontal displacement of a localized area of an HMA pavement surface.
Slurry    - Mixture of a liquid and fine solid particles that together are denser than water.
Slurry Seal    - A mixture of slow setting emulsified asphalt, well graded fine aggregate, mineral filler, and water. It is used to fill cracks ...
Spalling, Compression    - Cracking, breaking, chipping, or fraying of slab edges within 0.6 meters (2-ft) of a transverse crack.
Spalling, Sliver    - Chipping of concrete edge along a joint sealant usually within 12 mm (0.5in) of the joint edge.
Spalling, Surface    - Cracking, breaking, chipping, or fraying of slab surface, usually within a confined area less than 0.5 square meters (0.6 sy).
Speed Limits    - Contact your local District Traffic Operations office. How are speed limits set? Speed limits on state roads are ba...
Standard Plans and Special Details    - To view Standard Plans and Special Details click here. To obtain non watermarked copies of Standard Plans and Special Detai... ... website80
Standard Plans and Special Details (Instructions for Acquiring)    - To view Standard Plans and Special Details click here. To obtain non watermarked copies of Standard Plans and Special Detai...80
Standard Specifications for Roads and Bridges    - Copies of our 2016 Louisiana Standard Specifications for Roads and Bridges (LSSRB) "Purple Book" manual can be purchased from ou... ... websiteLSSRB
State Employee Emergency Reporting System    - For State Employees to check the emergency reporting system regarding weather related or other emergency situations whether to r...
State Transportation Improvement Program    - Contact: (225) 242-4572 The STIP is the document that outlines all activities for which DOTD anticipates requesting federal fun...STIP
Statewide Flood Control Program    - Contact: (225) 274-4170 The purpose of the flood control program is to reduce existing flood damages by providing guidance an... ... website
Stone Matrix Asphalt    - A mixture of asphalt binder, stabilizer material, mineral filler, and gap-graded aggregate. SMAs are used as a rut resistant we...SMA
Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer    - A thin layer that is placed between an underlying pavement and an HMA overlay for the purpose of dissipating movements and stres...SAMI
Structural Condition    - The condition of a pavement as it pertains to its ability to support repeated traffic loadings.
Structural Construction / Structural Fabrication    - Contact: (225) 379-150540
Structural Overlay    - An increase in the pavement load carrying capacity by adding additional pavement layers.
Structured Training    - Contact: (225) 767-9139 As research focuses on the future of transportation technology and what may be, LTRC's Office of Tech...33
Structured Training Programs    - Structured Training ProgramsThe DOTD Structured Training Program (STP) is a department-sanctioned progressive training curriculu... ... website
Surface Texture    - The microscopic and macroscopic characteristics of the pavement surface that contribute to surface friction and noise.
Surface Treatment    - Any application applied to an asphalt pavement surface to restore or protect the surface characteristics. Surface treatments in...
Surplus Property Auctions    - State of Louisiana Surplus Property auctions are held once a month. The auctions are held on the SECOND Saturday of... ... website
Swell    - A hump in the pavement surface that may occur over a small area or as a longer, gradual wave; either type of swell can be accomp...
Systems Construction Contract Administration    - Contact: (225) 379-156340
Systems Engineering Division    - (225) 379-155968
Systems Preservation Section    - Contact: (225) 379-1951 41