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(CATS) Capital Area Transit System

CATS ; City Bus; 225-389-8282 OR 389-8920 (Location: 2250 Fla. Ave/Corner of Florida & 22nd)

CATS buses go all over Baton Rouge.

All of our routes are listed on our home page with a link to a map and schedule of each route. We also have a system route map and a CBD route map.

If the place where you're going is on a different route, you can transfer between buses - sometimes at our terminal at Florida and 22nd Street or sometimes elsewhere.

You can get information about routes or a printed brochure with a map, schedule and route information by contacting us, or pick one up at the terminal.

If you can't use regular CATS buses at all because of a disability, call CATS On Demand at 225/929-7740 to find out about special transportation for people with disabilities. For this service, advance certification is required.

Trips will be provided under the provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) only if both origin and destination are within 3/4 mile of the CATS fixed-route system. Click to see a map of the fixed-route system. Other restrictions apply as well.

The CATS On Demand fare is $1.00 each way. Multi-ride tickets are available; contact CATS On Demand for purchase details.

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