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Joint    - A pavement discontinuity (break or gap) made necessary by design or by interruption of a paving operation.
Joint Depth    - The measurement of a saw cut from the top of the pavement surface to the bottom of the cut.
Joint Filler    - Compressible material used to fill a joint to prevent the infiltration of debris.
Joint Seal Deterioration    - Break down of a joint or crack sealant, such as by adhesion or cohesion loss, which contributes to the failure of the sealant sy...
Joint Sealant    - Compressible material used to minimize water and solid debris infiltration into the sealant reservoir and joint.
Joint Shape Factor    - Ratio of the vertical to horizontal dimension of the joint sealant. Factor can vary depending on type of sealant specified.
Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement    - PCC pavement constructed with regularly spaced transverse joints to control all natural cracks expected in the concrete. Dowel b...JPCP
Jointed Reinforced Concrete Pavement    - Portland cement concrete pavement containing regularly spaced transverse joints and embedded steel mesh reinforcement (sometimes...JRCP