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Office of Motor Vehicles    - Contact: 225-925-6146 The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles handles Commercial drivers licenses (CDL), drivers' licenses, vehic... ... website
Office of Risk Management    - Contact: (225) 219-0168 Our mission is to develop, direct, achieve and administer a cost effective comprehensive risk ...ORM
Office of the Secretary    - Contact: (225) 379-120001
Open-Graded Friction Course    - A thin HMA surface course consisting of a mix of an asphalt binder and open-graded (also called uniformly graded) aggregate. An ...OGFC
Operations, Office of    - 55
Outdoor Advertising    - Contact Name: Jason Stelzer Toll Free: 1(877)309-3078 Phone: 225-752-8640 Fax: 225-753-6603 ... ... website
Overbanding    - Overfilling of a joint or crack reservoir so that a thin layer of crack or joint sealant is spread onto the pavement surface cen...