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GeauxPass    - GeauxPass is the Louisiana Department of Transportation's (LaDOTD) new statewide toll tag system. It is an electronic toll col... ... website
Geographical Information Systems/Mapping    - 225-379-1283websiteGIS
GPS Coordinates for Louisiana    - What are the approximate GPS coordinates for the State of Louisiana? The Global Positioning System (GPS) expresses compu...
Greyhound Bus Service    - Greyhound Bus Service - 1-800-231-2222 Baton Rouge - (225) 383-3811 - Address: 1253 Florida St. New Orleans - (504) 525-93... ... website
Grinding Head    - Arbor or shaft containing numerous diamond blades or carbide teeth on diamond grinding or cold milling equipment.
Grooving    - The process used to cut slots into a pavement surface (usually, although not always, PCC) to provide channels for water to escap...