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(TAP) Transportation Alternatives Program

Contact: (225) 379-1585

The Transportation Alternatives Program is a Federally funded program administered through LaDOTD. The goal is to work toward building a more balanced transportation system that includes pedestrians and bicyclists as well as the motoring public. However, projects are not limited to sidewalks and bike paths. They can include safety and educational activities for pedestrians and bicyclists, landscaping and other scenic beautification, historic preservation, acquisition of scenic easements and scenic or historic sites, preservation of abandoned railway corridors, scenic or historic highway programs including the provision of tourist and welcome center facilities, archaeological planning and research, control and removal of outdoor advertising, environmental mitigation and establishment of transportation museums.

The Enhancement personnel are available to provide assistance to anyone interested in applying for or those who already have an Enhancement project. Our purpose is to help guide projects through the program guidelines in order to have a successful, working project once developed.

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