I-49 South

The I-49 South project from Lafayette to New Orleans will convert U.S. 90 into an interstate-quality roadway which would enhance travel between the two cities but ultimately across the state and nation once the entire project is completed.

The construction of frontage roads along U.S. 90 is the preliminary steps in the construction of the I-49 Extension between Lafayette and New Orleans.  As such, the construction of frontage road projects will have a significant impact on a large part of the state. 

Economic Impact
The extension of I-49 will provide a direct access of Midwest industries to the ports of south Louisiana, a bypass around Baton Rouge for east-west traffic on I-10, and a connection between oil industry suppliers and manufacturers from New Orleans to Houston.  This segment of US 90 is already a major industrial corridor in Louisiana that will expand significantly with better highway access.