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1S Employee Verification    - Duane Doppler (225) 379-1230 Administrative Program Specialist, Room 300-B E-mail: Duane Doppler HR Records Management ...
1U Roadside Memorials    - What is Louisiana's policy on roadside memorials? Roadside memorials are encroachments on DOTD right of way and are il...Freq, 09
511    - Contact: 511 or Out-of-State callers may call 1-888-ROAD-511 (1-888-762-3511) Contact: Louisiana State Police a... ... website
AASHTO Bookstore ... website
Accounting    - Contact: (225) 379-1645 The Financial Services section is located on the fourth floor, east wing of the DOTD HQ located at 12...15
Adopt-a-Road    - What is the Adopt-A-Road Program and how can I be part of it? The Adopt-A-Road Program provides an opportunity for organiz... ... website
Advertisement Logo Signs (Interstate)    - What is the Logo Sign Program? The Logo Sign Program is a state administered Interstate signing program for businesses that ... ... website45
Agency Costs
Aggregate Testing22
Agreements    - Aviation Agreements- Contact: (225) 274-4125 City/State Agreements- Contact: (225) 379-1989 Joint/Use Agreements - Con... ... website
Alexandria District    - Contact: 318-561-5000 or 1-800-542-3509 A seven parish region around Alexandria consisting of Avoyelles, Grant, Natchitoches... ... website08
Alligator Cracking    - A series of interconnecting cracks in an asphalt pavement surface forming a pattern that resembles an alligator's hide or chicke...
American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials    - The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association representing... ... websiteAASHTO
Analysis Period    - The period of time used in making economic comparisons between rehabilitation alternatives. The analysis period should not be co...
Annual Cost    - Any costs associated with the annual maintenance and repair of the facility.
Application Temperature    - The manufacturer's recommended temperature to be used when installing sealant. For hot-applied sealants, the application tempera...
Archives & Records (Louisiana State)    - Contact: (225) 922-0105 ... website
Army Corps of Engineers    - The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is made up of approximately 34,600 Civilian and 650 military members. Military... ... websiteUSACE
Asphalt Tack Coat    - A light application of asphalt, usually asphalt emulsion (liquid) diluted with water. It is used to ensure a bond between two bi...
Asset Management    - A systematic process of maintaining, upgrading, and operating physical assets cost-effectively. It combines engineering principl...
Association of Levee Boards in Louisiana    - Association of Levee Boards Post Office Box 2961Baton Rouge, LA 70821 (225) 243-4452 faxlouisianalevee@live.comFrom the nort... ... websiteALBL
Audit Section    - MISSON: The mission of the Audit section is to perform audits, financial reviews and related services testifying to the truth,...31
Average Daily Traffic Count    - Contact: (225) 242-4560 or ... websiteADT
Aviation Section    - Contact: (225) 379-3050 Our mission is to continue to improve our aviation infrastructure to insure a safe, modern and well man... ... website88
Backer Material    - A compressible material that is placed in joints or cracks before applying sealant to prevent bonding of the sealant on the bott...
Baton Rouge District    - Contact: (225) 231-4100 or 1-800-256-1875 A nine parish region around Baton Rouge consisting of Ascension, Assumption, East ... ... website61
Before You Dig    - DOTD Fiber Locates - DOTD has fiber optic lines along our highways that are not on LA 1 Call. When we are notified, DOTD sends o... ... website
Bicycle Program    - The mission of the Bicycle and Pedestrian unit is to plan, design and manage bicycle and pedestrian facilities that provide safe... ... website
Bid Lettings    - Plans: Contact: (225) 379-1107 Proposals: Contact: (225) 379-1111 Please note that no bids will be accepted after the bid clos... ... website
Bituminous Pavement    - A pavement comprising an upper layer or layers of aggregate mixed with a bituminous binder, such as asphalt, coal tars, and natu...
Bleeding    - Excess asphalt binder occurring on the pavement surface. The bleeding may create a shiny, glass-like surface that may be tacky t...
Block Cracking    - A rectangular pattern of cracking in asphalt pavements that is caused by hardening and shrinkage of the asphalt. Block cracking ...
Blow-up (Pavement)    - Buckling and shattering of PCC pavement resulting from thermal expansion and the resultant compressive forces exceeding the stre...
Blue Book
Bond Breaker    - Any material used to prevent bonding or to separate adjacent pavement layers. Thin bituminous layers are often used as bond brea...
Bonded Concrete Overlay    - This overlay provides an increase in the pavement structure of a concrete pavement by addition of concrete thickness in direct c...
Break (Curing)    - The process in the curing of an asphalt emulsion (liquid) by which the globules of asphalt become separated from the water. The ...
Bridge Corrective Maintenance    - Maintenance performed once a deficiency occurs on the bridge. Examples: pothole filling, spall repair and bridge rail repair.
Bridge Design    - Contact: (225) 379-1302 Mission of Bridge Design Section To design and detail bridges and related structures which are cost ef... ... website25
Bridge Emergency Repairs    - describes work activities generally necessary to return a bridge back to a minimum level of service following a significant even...
Bridge Maintenance Division    - Contact: (225) 379-158155
Bridge Major Rehabilitation    - Consists of structural or operational improvements that extend the service life of an existing bridge and/or improve its load-ca...
Bridge Management Systems    - Contact: (225) 242-4578 Bridge and Pavement Management Systems Provide information on existing condition for the State... ... websiteBMS, 21
Bridge Minor Rehabilitation    - Consists of repairs to address deterioration of structural elements, protective surfaces or riding surfaces to extend the servic...
Bridge Preservation    - A program employing a network level, long term strategy that enhances bridge performance by using an integrated, cost-effective ...41
Bridge Preventive Maintenance    - Is a planned strategy of systematic, cost-effective treatments to existing bridge elements that preserve the current condition a...
Bridge Replacement    - Is the replacement of the entire existing deficient bridge structure.
Bridge Routine Maintenance    - Defined as repair work typically performed by DOTD that is planned and carried out on a scheduled basis to maintain the bridge. ...
Budget Section    - Contact: (225) 379-123638
Business Services    - Contact: (225) 379-112326
California Profilograph    - A rolling straight-edge tool used for evaluating pavement profile (smoothness) consisting of a 7.5m (25-ft) frame with a sensing...
Capital Area Transit System    - CATS ; City Bus; 225-389-8282 OR 389-8920 (Location: 2250 Fla.... ... websiteCATS
Carbide Milling    - Surface removal or sawing done with a carbide milling machine. The machine uses a blade or arbor (a beam or shaft) equipped with...
Causeway Bridge (Lake Pontchartrain)    - Contact: (504) 835-3118 (Mon-Fri. 9:00 am - 5:00 pm) The bridge is not a part of the Louisiana Transportation and Development ... ... website
Certifications    - Contact: (225) 767-9131 Certification is required if someone is working as an inspector on a DOTD project. The type of certif... ... website
Chase District    - Contact: (318) 412-3100 or 1-800-256-1610 A six parish region around Chase consisting of Caldwell, Catahoula, Concordia, Fra...58
Chemically Curing Sealant    - A sealant material that reaches its final properties through the reaction of the component materials when mixed.
Chief Engineer, Construction & Maintenance    - Contact: (225) 379-153353
Child Safety Restraints - Louisiana State Police    - Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death and disability among children. Children who are not properly buckled up m... ... website
Chip Seal    - A surface treatment in which the pavement is sprayed with asphalt (generally emulsified - liquid) and then immediately covered w...
City Governments    - How do I report a problem with a road? To report a problem with a State or US highway, contact the appropriate DOTD distri... ... website
Civil Service, Louisiana Department of    - How do I find out about state jobs? Contact: Louisiana Department of Civil Service. ... website
Cohesion    - The internal bond (uniting) within a joint sealant material. Cohesion loss is seen as a noticeable tear along the surface and th...
Cold Applied Sealant    - A crack-sealing compound that is applied in an unheated state (generally at ambient (surrounding) temperature) and then reaches ...
Cold In-place Recycling    - A process in which a portion of an existing bituminous pavement is pulverized or milled, and then the reclaimed material is mixe...CIR
Cold Milling    - A process of removing pavement material from the surface of the pavement either to prepare the surface to receive overlays (by r...
Commercial Drivers License    - Commericial drivers licenses (CDL) are handled by Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV). Commercial drivers employed in the transportat... ... websiteCDL
Compliance Programs    - Contact: (225) 379-1382 or Compliance Programs Where can I obtain a list of certified DBE's? On the Construction Lettin... ... website37
Compressible Insert    - Material used to separate freshly placed concrete (such as from a partial-depth or full-depth repair) from existing hardened con...
Concrete Pavement Restoration    - A series of repair techniques used to preserve or improve the structural capacity or functional characteristics of a PCC pavemen...CPR
Construction Audit Claims    - Contact: (225) 379-158440
Construction Joint    - A joint constructed in a transverse (across) direction in PCC pavements to control cracking of the slab as it cures. Highway con...
Construction, Current    - Want to look at the current DOTD construction? Click on the map to view the current construction for a specific parish. ... website
Consultant Contract Services    - Contact: (225) 379-1989 Our Mission: To provide customer driven services through teamwork and partnership for consultant ... ... websiteCCS, 80
Contact Information    - To contact DOTD's Customer website
Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement    - PCC pavement constructed with sufficient longitudinal steel reinforcement to control transverse-crack spacings and openings in l...CRCP
Contract Maintenance    - The range of contracting methods and vehicles used by public transportation agencies to accomplish maintenance programs and supp...
Contract Services    - Contact: (225) 379-1989 80
Contracts & Specifications    - Contact: (225) 379-148580
Contraflow FAQ - Southeast    - Q. If I am travelling eastbound on I-12 toward Mississippi, will I be able to get on I-10 Eastbound at the I-12/I-59/I-10 juncti...
Corner Break    - A portion of a concrete slab separated by a crack that intersects the adjacent transverse or longitudinal joints at about a 45 d...
Corrective Maintenance    - Maintenance performed once a deficiency occurs in the pavement, for example the filling of a pothole.
Crack    - Fissure or discontinuity of the pavement surface not necessarily extending through the entire thickness of the pavement. Cracks ...
Crack Filling    - The placement of materials into non-working cracks to substantially reduce the intrusion of incompressibles and infiltration of ...
Crack Sealing    - A maintenance procedure that involves placement of specialized materials into working cracks using unique configurations to redu...
Cross Stitching    - A repair method that involves the drilling of holes diagonally across a crack in PCC pavement into which steel reinforcement bar...
Cure   - See Curing
Curing    - The maintenance of a satisfactory moisture content and temperature in concrete during its early stages so that desired propertie...
Curing Blanket    - A built-up covering of burlap sacks, matting, straw, waterproof paper or other suitable material placed over freshly finished co...
Curing Compound    - A liquid that can be applied as a coating to the surface of newly placed concrete to retard the loss of water, or in the case of...
Customer Service Center    - Contact: 1-877-4LADOTD (1-877-452-3683) or (225) 379-1232 Email: Hours: 7:30-5:30pm Monday-Friday. Please cont...01
Dam Safety Program    - definition ... website64
Damage Claims to Automobile    - How do I file a claim for damage done to my vehicle on a state route? If you have had damage caused to your car by a specifi...
Damage to state property    - If you have damaged state highway property such as a road sign or guardrail, and need to make a payment, contact DOTD Legal Depa...47
Dense-Graded Asphalt Pavement    - An overlay or surface course consisting of a mixture of asphalt binder and a well-graded (also called dense-graded) aggregate. A...
Depression    - Localized pavement surface areas at a lower elevation than the adjacent paved areas.
Design Life    - The expected life of a pavement from its opening to traffic until structural rehabilitation is needed. The typical reporting of ...
Diamond Grinding    - A process that uses a series of diamond-tipped saw blades mounted on a shaft or arbor to shave the upper surface of a pavement t...
Disadvantaged Business Enterprises    - Contact: (225) 379-1382 How can I obtain a certification application? Where can I obtain a list of Certified DBE's? On the Co... ... websiteDBE, 37
Districts    - Alexandria (District 08): (318) 561-5100 or 1-800-542-3509 (Avoyelles, Grant, Natchitoches, Rapides, Sabine, Vernon and Winn P...
DOT #    - Contact: 1-800-832-5660 or (225) 757-7640 You are required to provide a U.S. DOT number at the time of registration if your veh... ... website
DOTD Ex-Officio Notary List    - DOTD EX-OFFICIO NOTARY LIST Pursuant to LA R.S. 48:121 a DOTD Ex-Officio Notary has limited authority and may only no...47
Dowel    - Most commonly a plain round steel bar (usually coated, such as with paint or epoxy as a bond breaker), which extends into two ad...
Dowel Bar retrofit    - A rehabilitation technique that is used to increase the load transfer capability of existing jointed PCC pavements by placement ...
Driver's License ... website
Driveway Permits    - Contact: (225) 379-1510 the permit is called
Dyed Fuel    - Contact: (225) 925-6113 Louisiana State Police Motor Safety Unit ... website
Electronic Bidding    - Plans: Contact: (225) 379-1107 Proposals: Contact: (225) 379-1111 Please note that no bids will be accepted after the bid ... ... website
Emergency Preparedness, Office of Homeland Security ... websiteGOHSEP
Emergency Repairs    - Work activities generally necessary to return a pavement back to a minimum level of service following a significant event such a...
Emergency Reporting System for State Employees    - For state employees to check the emergency reporting system regarding weather related or other emergency situations whether to r...
Emulsified Asphalt    - A liquid mixture of asphalt binder, water, and an emulsifying agent. Minute globules of asphalt are suspended in water by using ...
Engineering Contract Advertisements    - Contact: (225) 379-1989 How can I get on the list to receive engineering advertisements? Click on the website link below.... ... website
Engineering Directives & Standards ... websiteEDSM, 1
Engineering Invoices    - Who do I contact regarding an engineering invoice? Contact: (225) 379-1405 ... website
Engineering, Office of    - Contact: (225) 379-1234 Follow the link to our contact page
Environmental Section    - Contact: (225) 242-4502 To provide environmental planning, analysis and documentation in accordance with the National Environm... ... website28
Evacuation / Emergency    - A work group of DOTD (Department of Transportation & Development), OEP (Office of Emergency Preparedness) and LSP (Louisiana... ... website
Fatigue Cracking
Faulting    - Differential vertical displacement of a slab or other member adjacent to a joint or crack. Faulting commonly occurs at transvers...
Federal Emergency Management Agency    - Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)'s mission within the Department of Homeland Security is to lead the effort to prepare... ... websiteFEMA
Federal Highway Administration    - At the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), we strive every day to improve transportation for a strong America. Our top priori... ... websiteFHWA
Fee Structure (DOTD Self-Generated)
Ferries    - Where and when do ferries run in Louisiana? For information on the operational status of the DOTD ferries, visit: http://wwwa... ... website
Ferry Toll Exemptions    - 1. All students traveling to/from school (R.S. 17:157) a. Be...42
FHWA/LaDOTD 2007 Stewardship Agreement ... website
Fiber Modified Sealant    - Generally a hot-applied sealant that is composed of unmodified or modified asphalt cement and heat resistant polymeric fibers an...
Flooding Information ... website
Fog Seal    - A light application of slow setting asphalt emulsion (liquid) diluted with water and without the addition of any aggregate appli...
Free Edge    - An unrestrained pavement boundary.
Freight and Passenger Rail    - Contact: (225) 379-3035 Freight & Passenger Rail: Our mission is to continuously improve our marine and rail infrastructure for ... ... website66
Fuel Resistant Sealant    - A joint or crack sealant compound that is resistant to and maintains serviceability after being exposed to fuel or other petrole...
Full-Depth Patching    - Removal and replacement of a segment of pavement to the level of the subgrade in order to restore areas of deterioration. May be...
Functional Performance    - A pavement's ability to provide a safe, smooth riding surface. These attributes are typically measured in terms of ride quality ...
GeauxPass    - GeauxPass is the Louisiana Department of Transportation's (LaDOTD) new statewide toll tag system. It is an electronic toll coll... ... website
General Information    - What is the department's name, address, email and phone number? The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DO...
Geographical Information Systems/Mapping    - 225-379-1283websiteGIS
GPS Coordinates for Louisiana    - What are the approximate GPS coordinates for the State of Louisiana? The Global Positioning System (GPS) expresses compu...
Greyhound Bus Service    - Greyhound Bus Service - 1-800-231-2222 Baton Rouge - (225) 383-3811 - Address: 1253 Florida St. New Orleans - (504) 525-93... ... website
Grinding Head    - Arbor or shaft containing numerous diamond blades or carbide teeth on diamond grinding or cold milling equipment.
Grooving    - The process used to cut slots into a pavement surface (usually, although not always, PCC) to provide channels for water to escap...
Hammond District    - Contact: (985) 375-0100 or 1-800-545-9280 A six parish region around Hammond consisting of Livingston, St. Helena, St. John, St...62
Heater Scarification    - The initial phase of a hot in-place recycling (HIR) process in which the surface of the old pavement is heated and mechanically ...
Highway Lighting Design and Lighting Projects    - Contact: Bridge Design Section - Electrical Gang - (225) 379-1302
Highway Miles    - DOTD is responsible for more than 16,683 miles of roadway and 894 miles of interstate.
Highway Safety Commission    - Mission Statement 225-925-6991 "The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission is committed to developing and implementing a compreh... ... website
Highway Safety Hardware Design    - Information on design and details for highway guard rail and bridge rail, ground mounted and overhead signing structures and oth...24
Highway Safety Section    - Contact: (225) 379-1871 Crash Data and Analysis Fatal Analysis Reporting System (FARS) Bicycle / Pedestrian Progr... ... website82
History of DOTD    - What is the history of DOTD? The Louisiana Legislature established the Board of State Engineers in 1898 to create a uniform pu...
Hot Air Lance    - A device that uses heated compressed air to clean, dry, and warm cracks prior to sealing.
Hot Applied Sealant    - A crack or joint sealing compound that is applied in a molten state and cures primarily by cooling to ambient (surrounding) temp...
Hot In-place Recycling    - A process which consists of softening the existing asphalt surface with heat, mechanically removing the surface material, mixing...HIR
Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete    - A thoroughly controlled mixture of asphalt binder and well-graded, high quality aggregate thoroughly compacted into a uniform de...HMAC
Hudson Initiative Program    - Full implementation of the procedures governing the Louisiana Initiative for Small Entrepreneurships, known as the Hudson Initia...
Human Resources    - Contact: (225) 379-1259 ... websiteHR, 16
Hurricane Flood Protection    - Contact: (225) 379-3000 ... website64
Hydraulics    - Contact:225-379-148224
Hydroplaning    - Loss of contact between vehicle tires and roadway surface that occurs when vehicles travel at high speeds on pavement surfaces w...
I-49 South (Updates) ... website
Intelligent Transportation Systems    - Contact: (225) 379-2516 ITS is a national initiative aimed at using state-of-the-art technology to increase the safety and effi... ... websiteITS
International Friction Index    - A measure of pavement macrotexture and wet pavement friction at 60 miles per hour determined using measured friction at some tes...IFI
International Roughness Index    - A measure of a pavement's longitudinal surface profile as measured in the wheelpath by a vehicle traveling at typical operating ...IRI
Interstate Interchange Development    - Contact: (225) 379-1380
Interstate Logo Signs    - Contact Name: Jordan VanGeffen Toll Free: 1(877)309-3078 Phone: 225-752-8640 Fax: 225-753-6603...45
Jefferson Financial Federal Credit Union    - 1-800-259-2471 or 504-348-2424 Baton Rouge: Extenstion 448, 433 or 432 Denham Springs: Extension 512, 538, 537 or 545 website
Joint    - A pavement discontinuity (break or gap) made necessary by design or by interruption of a paving operation.
Joint Depth    - The measurement of a saw cut from the top of the pavement surface to the bottom of the cut.
Joint Filler    - Compressible material used to fill a joint to prevent the infiltration of debris.
Joint Seal Deterioration    - Break down of a joint or crack sealant, such as by adhesion or cohesion loss, which contributes to the failure of the sealant sy...
Joint Sealant    - Compressible material used to minimize water and solid debris infiltration into the sealant reservoir and joint.
Joint Shape Factor    - Ratio of the vertical to horizontal dimension of the joint sealant. Factor can vary depending on type of sealant specified.
Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement    - PCC pavement constructed with regularly spaced transverse joints to control all natural cracks expected in the concrete. Dowel b...JPCP
Jointed Reinforced Concrete Pavement    - Portland cement concrete pavement containing regularly spaced transverse joints and embedded steel mesh reinforcement (sometimes...JRCP
Lafayette District    - Contact: (337) 262-6100 or 1-800-256-1817 An eight parish region around Lafayette consisting of Acadia, Evangeline, Iberia, ...03
Lake Charles District    - Contact: (337) 437-9100 or 1-800-542-6706 A five parish region around Lake Charles consisting of Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu...07
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge    - Contact: (504) 835-3118 (Mon-Fri. 9:00a-5:00p) Each weekday over 30,000 cars cross Lake Pontchartrain on ... ... website
Lane-to-Shoulder Dropoff    - (highways, roads and streets only) Difference in elevation between the traveled surface and the shoulder surface.
Legal Section    -

Legal Section (Intranet Information)

Legal Section Staff Directory (pdf) Legal Section Administrative ... ... website
Library    - The LTRC Library is open to members of the LaDOTD and LSU communities as well as other agencies and the general community, for a... ... website33
Life Cycle Costing    - An economic assessment of an item, system, or facility and competing design alternatives considering all significant costs of ow...
Life Extension    - The extension of the performance period of the pavement through the application of pavement treatments.
Litter Reduction and Public Action Program    - Department of Environmental Quality Citizens may report litterers by calling 1-888-LITRBUG; ... website
Load Transfer Efficiency    - A measure of the ability of a joint or crack to transfer a portion of a load applied on one side of a joint or crack to the othe...
Location and Survey    - Contact: (225) 379-1131 For Right of Way Maps Contact Charles Corder: (225) 379-4531 30
Logo Signs    - Contact Name: Jason Stelzer Toll Free: 1(877)309-3078 Phone: 225-752-8640 Fax: 225-753-6603 ...
Longitudinal Crack    - A crack or discontinuity in a pavement that runs generally parallel to the pavement centerline. Longitudinal cracks may occur as...
Longitudinal Joint    - A constructed joint in a pavement layer that is oriented parallel to the pavement centerline.
Loss Prevention    - Contact: (225) 237-1385 Major Job Responsibilities: Regulatory Compliance (Federal/State) Inspections Facilities...50
Lost & Found    - DOTD Headquarters Call Security Desk (225) 379-1995or Business Office (225) 379-1123 Rest AreasContact: (225) 379-1969 Roy.D...
Louisiana Associated General Contractors    - Contact: LAGC Headquarters 666 North St. Baton Rouge, LA 70802 (225) 344-0432 Louisiana Associated General C... ... websiteLAGC
Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority    - In December 2005, the Louisiana State legislature established the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) as the sin... ... websiteCPRA
Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality    - Contact: Customer Service 225-219-LDEQ (5337) or Toll Free 1-866-896-LDEQ (5337) ... websiteDEQ
Louisiana Directory of Cities, Towns and Villages ... website
Louisiana Division of Administration    - Contact: 1-800-354-9548 or (225) 342-7000 Louisiana Division of Administration: We hope to provide easy access to informat... ... websiteDOA
Louisiana Employees Online    - LEO- Louisiana Employee Online - providing State employees a universe of infomation. ... websiteLEO
Louisiana Government    - Need information pertaining to Louisiana Government? ... website
Louisiana Highway Safety Research Group    - ANNUAL TRAFFIC DATA STUDY RELEASEDThe Information Systems and Decision Sciences department (ISDS) at the LSU E. J. Ourso College... ... websiteHSRG
Louisiana Offshore Oil Port    - Contact Us: Phone (337) 262-6114 Fax (337) 262-6214 All About LOOP: BATON ROUGE - LOOP is America's first and only deep-wa... ... websiteLOOP
Louisiana One Stop Truck Center    - "Louisiana One Stop Truck Center" as a central location where truckers can get most of what is needed to do business in Louisian... ... website
Louisiana OneCall    - Louisiana One Call2215 West Boardwalk DriveBaton Rouge, LA 70816Toll Free: 800-584-4274Phone: 225-275-3700Fax: 225-272-1967 In ... ... website
Louisiana Property Assistance Association    -
Louisiana Regulations For Trucks, Vehicles and Loads    - Louisiana Regulations for Trucks, Vehicles and Loads manual. ... website
Louisiana Secretary of State    - Louisiana Secretary of State Start your visit by selecting from the links on this page, or try the What's New section to read... ... website
Louisiana Sheriffs' Association    - In 1938, a group of Louisiana sheriffs realized that they would need to formally organize themselves into a cohesive group to sp... ... websiteLSA
Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors    - Contact: (225) 765-2301 The purpose of the legislature in enacting this Chapter is the protection of the health, safety, and ... ... websiteLSLBC
Louisiana State Police    - Louisiana State Police 1-800-469-4828 or * LSP or *577 on a Cell Phone ... ... websiteLSP
Louisiana State Travel Regulations    - Contact: (225) 342-8053 Louisiana Office of State Purchasing and Travel ... website
Louisiana Transit Resource Guide    - Contact: (225) 274-4302 The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) Public Transportation Section has pub... ... website
Louisiana Transportation Authority ... websiteLTA
Louisiana Transportation Research Center    - Contact: (225) 767-9139 Since its creation by the legislature in 1986, Louisiana Transportation Research Center (LTRC) has grown... ... websiteLTRC, 19
Louisiana Unified Certification Program ... websiteUCP
Low Modulus Sealant    - A joint or crack sealing material, which is less stiff at low temperatures than standard grade sealants.
Major Rehabilitation    - Major rehabilitation consists of structural enhancements that extend the service life of an existing pavement system and/or impr...
Management and Finance, Office of    - Contact: (225) 379-1270 Follow the link to our contact page10
Managment Section    - Contact: (225) 242-4547: Provide information on existing conditions for the State Highway Network of ...
Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices    - The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, or MUTCD defines the standards used by road managers nationwide to install and ma... ... websiteMUTCD
Materials and Testing    - Contact: (225) 248-4131 The mission of the Materials and Testing Section is to develop, administer, and regulate the departm... ... websiteMat Lab, 22
Maximum Heating Temperature    - The maximum temperature, as recommended by the manufacturer, to which a hot-applied joint or crack sealant can be heated while c...
Melter    - A piece of equipment designed specifically to heat hot applied joint or crack sealant accurately and controllably to a temperatu...
Melter Applicator    - A piece of equipment designed specifically to melt, heat accurately and controllably, and apply hot-applied sealants to pavement...
Metropolitan Planning Organizations    - Lafayette MPO - (337) 291-8016 Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments (NLCOG) - (318) 841-5957 Regional Planning Commissio...MPO
Microsurfacing    - A mixture of polymer modified asphalt emulsion (liquid), mineral aggregate, mineral filler, water, and other additives, properly...
Mineral Filler    - A finely divided mineral product - commonly used mineral fillers include, limestone dust, hydrated lime, portland cement, and fl...
Minimum Application Temperature    - The minimum temperature, as recommended by the manufacturer, to which a hot-applied sealant for pavement cracks or joints must b...
Minor Rehabilitation    - Consists of non-structural improvements or repairs made to the existing pavement sections to address pavement distresses. ...
Modified Asphalt Chip Seal    - A variation on conventional chip seals in which the asphalt binder is modified with a blend of ground tire or latex rubber, or p...
Monroe District    - Contact: (318) 342-0100 or 1-800-256-1595 A nine parish region around Monroe consisting of East & West Carroll, Jackson, Lin...05
Motor Laws (Louisiana State Police)    - General Motor Laws Speed 70 mph on rural interstates 65 mph on multi-lane, divided state or U.S. highways with ... ... website
Motorcycle Safety Class    - ... website
Motorist Assistance Patrol    - If someone calls us with a MAP patrol request, a break down on the road, find out: Location, Direction, vehicle type, and phon... ... websiteMAP
Mowing Contract in Baton Rouge    - While DOTD is normally responsible for mowing the grass on the side of ...
Mowing Contracts    - Contact: (225) 379-1507 for information regarding "Maintenance Mowing Contracts." ... website42
Multimodal Commerce    - Contact: (225) 379-3038 Our mission is to continuously improve Louisiana's transportation infrastructure and provide an effici... ... website72
National Environmental Policy Act    - The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires federal agencies to integrate environmental values into their decision mak... ... websiteNEPA
National Flood Insurance Program    - Contact: (225) 274-4347 or (225) 274-3452 The Department of Transportation and Development is the State Coordinating Agency f... ... websiteNFIP, 64
New Orleans District    - Contact: (504) 437-3100 or 1-800-256-1599 A seven parish region around New Orleans consisting of Jefferson, Lafourche, Orleans...02
News Releases    - Contact: (225) 379-1232 ... website
Office of Motor Vehicles    - Contact: 225-925-6146 The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles handles Commercial drivers licenses (CDL), drivers' licenses, vehic... ... website
Office of Risk Management    - Contact: (225) 219-0168 Our mission is to develop, direct, achieve and administer a cost effective comprehensive risk ...ORM
Office of the Secretary    - Contact: (225) 379-120001
Open-Graded Friction Course    - A thin HMA surface course consisting of a mix of an asphalt binder and open-graded (also called uniformly graded) aggregate. An ...OGFC
Operation Lifesaver    - Operation Lifesaver is a non-profit, international continuing public education program first established in 1972 to end collisio... ... website
Operations, Office of    - 55
Outdoor Advertising    - This is signage that is outside of our right of way (usually for a business) but requires that the builder to meet with certain ... ... website
Overbanding    - Overfilling of a joint or crack reservoir so that a thin layer of crack or joint sealant is spread onto the pavement surface cen...
Parish and Town Boundaries Arc/GIS    - To see the official bundaries of cities, towns and parishes use this link. ... website
Partial Depth patching    - Repairs of localized areas of surface deterioration of PCC pavements, usually for compression spalling problems, severe scaling,...
Patch    - Placement of a repair material to replace a localized defect in the pavement surface.
Pavement & Geotechnical    - The primary function of Pavement and Geotechnical Design is to design pavement structures, foundations for bridges, retaining wa... ... website67
Pavement Distress    - External (visible) indications of pavement defects or deterioration.
Pavement Management Systems    - Contact: (225) 242-4577 or PMS, 21
Pavement Preservation    - A program employing a network level, long term strategy that enhances pavement performance by using an integrated, cost-effec...41
Pavement Replacement    - the replacement of the entire existing pavement structure by the placement of an equivalent or increased pavement structure gene...
PERBA Express    - Permit Office hours are weekdays 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Internet permits received after 3:00 p.m. may not be processed u... ... websitePERBA, 43
Performance Period    - The period of time that an initially constructed or rehabilitated pavement structure will perform before reaching its terminal s...
Permits (Driveway)    - How do I get a permit for my driveway?
Permits (Parade)    - Do I need a permit from DOTD for a parade, trail-ride, marathon, poker run, or border-to-border publicity event? DOTD does ...
Permits (Right-of-Way)    - The DOTD Right-of Way Permit Unit is responsible for regulating the location, design, methods for installing, adjusting, accommo... ... website
Permits (Truck)   - See Louisiana Division of Administration43
Photogrammetry    - DOTD's aerial photography unit (part of the DOTD Location and Survey section) responds to requests from various levels of local,...30
Planning & Programming, Office of    - Contact: (225) 379-1988 Fax: (225) 242-4552 Data Collection and Management Systems Pavement and Bridge Management Syste...12
Plans & Proposal Distribution    - Plans: Contact: (225) 379-1107 Proposals: Contact: (225) 379-1111 Please note that no bids will be accepted after the bid ... ... website
Plans Room    - DOTD Electronic Plans Distribution Center Contact: (225) 379-1077 Problems with Falcon ID or Password - PAtrick Wollerson 225-... ... website
Plant Mix    - See Hot Mix Asphalt.
Point Bearing    - Concentration of compressive stressed between small areas. May occur when a partial-depth patch in portland cement concrete pav...
Police Jury Association of Louisiana    - The Police Jury Association of Louisiana was created in 1924 to improve parish government in the State of Louisiana. Membership ... ... website
Polishing    - Wearing away of the surface binder, causing exposure of the coarse aggregate particles. A polished pavement surface is smooth a...
Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCC)    - A pavement constructed of portland cement concrete with or without reinforcement. Conventional PCC pavements include JPCP, JRCP...
Ports and Waterways    - Contact: (225) 379-3065 Ports and Waterways: The misison of the Ports & Waterways Division is to continuously improve the ma... ... website65
Potholes    - Loss of surface material in an HMA pavement to the extent that a patch is needed to restore pavement rideability.
Potholes (Who do I call to report a pothole?)    - How do I report a problem with a road? To report a problem with a road, contact the appropriate DOTD statewide at 1-877-45...
Potholes on a City Street?    - DOTD handles potholes on State and US routes. Contact your local District office or our office at: 1-877-4LADOTD (1-877-452-3683...
Preformed Compression Sealant    - An extruded joint sealing material for PCC pavement that is manufactured ready for installation and is supplied in rolls. Prefo...
Preliminary Program for Fiscal Year 2012-2013    - A series of Public Hearings will be held in accordance with LA R.S. 48:231 and conducted by the Joint Highway Priority Construct...
Present Serviceability Index (PSI)    - A subjective rating of the pavement condition made by a group of individuals riding over the pavement. May also be determined b...
Preventive Maintenance    - Is a planned strategy of cost-effective, non-structural treatments to existing pavements that preserves the current condition an...
Procurement / Purchasing    - (225) 379-1444 Procurement/ Purchasing will assist those individuals with Louisiana DOTD's procurement process. It will provide... ... website14
Project Control    - Contact: (225) 379-140180
Project Management    - Contact: (225) 379-132534
Project Numbers    - Contact: (225) 379-1425 Instructions for Requesting Project Numbers.H.000101
Projects to be Let within the next 6 months - By Parish ... website
Properties for Sale or Demolition    - Contact: (225) 237-1204 Land / Buildings for Sale Advertisements ... website
Proposal Deadline (Bid Letting)    - Plans: Contact: (225) 379-1107 Proposals: Contact: (225) 379-1111 Please note that no bids will be accepted after the bid ...
Public Information    - Contact: 1-877-4LADOTD (1-877-452-3683) ... website01
Public Meetings    - Contact: (225) 242-4502 or click on Public Meetings ... website
Public Records Request    - For public records or documents requests, fill out and email a Public Records Request Form to If... ... website47
Public Transportation    - Contact: (225) 379-3055 The mission of the Public Transportation program is to improve public transit in all areas of the State... ... website81
Public Works    - Contact: (225) 379-3000 Public Works and Water Resources: "To develop the full potential of Louisiana's water related resourc... ... website64
Publications/Manuals    - Click on Publications and Manual Link. ... website
Pumping    - Ejection of fine-grained material and water from beneath the pavement through joints, cracks, or the pavment edge, caused by the...
Purple Book
Qualified Products List    - Contact: (225) 248-4131 ... websiteQPL, 22
Quality Assurance Manual (Construction Plans Quality Control) ... website
Rail Safety    - Contact: (225) 379-154368
Raveling    - Wearing away of the pavement surface caused by the dislodging of aggregate particles and loss of asphalt binder.
Ready, Willing and Able    - website
Real Estate    - The home page of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Real Estate Section. This site is your gateway to th... ... website23
Recycling Agents    - Organic materials with specific chemical and physical characteristics that are used in pavement recycling to address binder defi...
Reflection Cracking    - Cracking that appears on the surface of a pavement above joints and cracks in the underlying pavement layer due to horizontal an...
Rejuvenating Agent    - Similar to recycling agents in material composition, these products are added to existing aged or oxidized HMA pavements in orde...
Reservoir    - The part of a portland cement concrete pavement joint that normally holds a sealant material, usually formed by a widening saw c...
Rest Areas    - Contact: (225) 379-1969 Louisiana State Maps are available at welcome centers. For up-to-date information...68
Retrofit Dowel Bars    - Dowels that are installed into slots cut into the surface of an existing concrete pavement to restore load transfer.
Rideability    - A measure of the ride quality of a pavement as perceived by its users or roughness measuring equipment.
Right-of-Way    - Right-of-way permit If you are calling for a for a right-of-way permit please click this link District Right-of-Way Contacts. I... ... websiteROW, 23
Road Closures / Problems / Road Conditions    - Contact: 511 or Contact: Louisiana State Police: 1-800-469-4828 Drivers who notice road hazards, such as potholes... ... website
Road Design    - Contact: (225) 379-1303 Mission: To plan and design a safe, efficient, and cost effective transportation system by providing ... ... website24
Road Safety Hotline    - Drivers who notice road hazards, such as potholes or debris in the roadway are urged to call DOTD's statewide toll free Highway ...
Road Transfer Program ... website
Roster of Officials ... website
Router    - A mechanical device, with a rotary cutting system, that is used to widen, cut, and clean cracks in pavements prior to sealing.
Routine Maintenance    - Defined as repair work typically performed by DOTD that is planned and carried out on a scheduled basis to maintain the pavement...
Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC)    - Similar to HMA but having a minimum 20% crumb rubber additive. RAC offers greater resistance to reflective cracking than convent...
Rubberized Asphalt Sealant    - A sealant, generally hot applied, that is composed of asphalt cement, various types of rubber or polymer modifiers, and other co...
Rutting    - Longitudinal surface depressions in the wheel path of an HMA pavement, caused by plastic movement of the HMA mix, inadequate com...
Sabine River Authority    - Toledo Bend LakeThe Toledo Bend Project was constructed by the Sabine River Authority, State of Louisiana and the Sabine River A... ... websiteSRA, 60
Safe Routes to School Program    - Safe Routes to School programs all share one common goal - to improve the health of kids and the community by making walking and... ... website
SAFETY OPER & INFO SECTION    - Contact: 225-242-467850
Sales of Items    - How do I obtain more information on the sale of houses that are displaced by DOTD construction? DOTD disposes of houses ac... ... website
Sand Seal    - An application of asphalt binder, normally an emulsion (liquid), covered with a fine aggregate. It may be used to improve the s...
Sandblasting    - A procedure in which sand particles are blown with compressed air at a pavement surface to abrade and clean the surface. Sandbl...
Sandwich Seal    - A surface treatment that consists of application of asphalt emulsion (liquid) and a large aggregate, followed by a second applic...
Scenic ByWays    - Contact: Sharon Calcote at (225) 342-8142 Scenic ByWays ... website
Scrub Seal    - Application of a polymer modified asphalt to the pavement surface followed by the broom scrubbing of the asphalt into cracks and...
Sealant    - A material that has adhesive and cohesive properties to seal joints, cracks, or other various openings against the entrance or p...
Sealant Reservoir   - See Reservoir
Sealing    - The process of placing sealant material in prepared joints or cracks to minimize intrusion of water and incompressible materials...
Sealing Compound   - See Joint Sealant
Sections   - See Bridge Maintenance Division, Louisiana Division of Administration, Systems Preservation Section
Segregation    - Separation of aggregate component of asphaltic or portland cement by particle size during placement.
Serviceability    - Ability of a pavement to provide a safe and comfortable ride to its users. As such, it is primarily a measure of the functional...
Settlement    - A depression at the pavement surface that is caused by the settling or erosion of one or more underlying layers.
Shoving    - Localized displacement of an HMA pavement surface. Shoving is often caused by braking or accelerating vehicles.
Shreveport District    - Contact: (318) 549-8300 or 1-800-762-1852 A seven parish region around Shreveport consisting of Bienville, Bossier, Caddo, C...04
Signals / Signs (Traffic)    - For signals on State and Interstate Highways, contact our local District office. If the sign or signal is on a city str...
Silicone Sealant    - A type of joint or crack sealant compound either self leveling or non-sag in application characteristics, that is based on polym...
Skid Resistance    - A measure of the frictional characteristics of a surface.
Slab Stabilization    - Process of injecting grout or bituminous materials beneath PCC pavements in order to fill voids without raising the pavement.
Slippage cracking    - Cracking associated with the horizontal displacement of a localized area of an HMA pavement surface.
Slurry    - Mixture of a liquid and fine solid particles that together are denser than water.
Slurry Seal    - A mixture of slow setting emulsified asphalt, well graded fine aggregate, mineral filler, and water. It is used to fill cracks ...
Spalling, Compression    - Cracking, breaking, chipping, or fraying of slab edges within 0.6 meters (2-ft) of a transverse crack.
Spalling, Sliver    - Chipping of concrete edge along a joint sealant usually within 12 mm (0.5in) of the joint edge.
Spalling, Surface    - Cracking, breaking, chipping, or fraying of slab surface, usually within a confined area less than 0.5 square meters (0.6 sy).
Speed Limits    - Contact your local District Traffic Operations office. How are speed limits set? Speed limits on state roads are ba...
Standard Plans and Special Details    - To view Standard Plans and Special Details click here. To obtain non watermarked copies of Standard Plans and Special Details... ... website80
Standard Plans and Special Details (Instructions for Acquiring)    - To view Standard Plans and Special Details click here. To obtain non watermarked copie...80
Standard Specifications for Roads and Bridges    - Copies of our 2016 Louisiana Standard Specifications for Roads and Bridges (LSSRB) "Purple Book" manual can be purchased from ou... ... websiteLSSRB
State Employee Emergency Reporting System    - For State Employees to check the emergency reporting system regarding weather related or other emergency situations whether to r...
State Transportation Improvement Program    - Contact: (225) 242-4572 The STIP is the document that outlines all activities for which DOTD anticipates requesting federal fun...STIP
Statewide Flood Control Program    - Contact: (225) 274-4170 The purpose of the flood control program is to reduce existing flood damages by providing guidance an... ... website
Stone Matrix Asphalt    - A mixture of asphalt binder, stabilizer material, mineral filler, and gap-graded aggregate. SMAs are used as a rut resistant we...SMA
Strategic Plan ... website
Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer    - A thin layer that is placed between an underlying pavement and an HMA overlay for the purpose of dissipating movements and stres...SAMI
Structural Condition    - The condition of a pavement as it pertains to its ability to support repeated traffic loadings.
Structural Construction / Structural Fabrication    - Contact: (225) 379-150540
Structural Overlay    - An increase in the pavement load carrying capacity by adding additional pavement layers.
Structured Training    - Contact: (225) 767-9139 As research focuses on the future of transportation technology and what may be, LTRC's Office of Tech...33
Structured Training Programs    - Structured Training ProgramsThe DOTD Structured Training Program (STP) is a department-sanctioned progressive training curriculu... ... website
Surface Texture    - The microscopic and macroscopic characteristics of the pavement surface that contribute to surface friction and noise.
Surface Treatment    - Any application applied to an asphalt pavement surface to restore or protect the surface characteristics. Surface treatments in...
Surplus Property Auctions    - State of Louisiana Surplus Property auctions are held once a month. The auctions are held on the SECOND Saturday of... ... website
Swell    - A hump in the pavement surface that may occur over a small area or as a longer, gradual wave; either type of swell can be accomp...
Systems Construction Contract Administration    - Contact: (225) 379-156340
Systems Engineering Division    - (225) 379-155968
Systems Preservation Section    - Contact: (225) 379-1951 41
Taxi Regulations    - Louisiana Public Service Commission Galvez Building, 12th Floor... ... website
Telephone Book for State Government    - Louisiana State Government Directory ... website
Terminal Serviceability    - The lowest acceptable serviceability rating before resurfacing or reconstruction becomes necessary for the particular class of h...
Thin Overlay    - A HMA overlay with one lift of surface course generally with a thickness of 38 mm (1.5 in) or less.
Toll Information    - For all DOTD operated ferries, the tolls are $1 for vehicles and 25 cents for pedestrians. Tolls are east bound only ... website
Topographic Surveys    - Contact: (225) 379-1106; Fax: (225) 379-1860 DOTD's aerial photography unit (part of the DOTD Location and Survey section) re...30
Tour Guide    - Would you like a Louisiana Tour Guide? ... website
Traffic Cameras    - Traffic cameras allow traffic engineers to monitor and gauge the flow of traffic to determine where optimization measures are ne... ... website
Traffic Counts (State and US Highways)    - How do I obtain traffic count data? Traffic count information can be obtained from our Web page at
Traffic Data Collection and Analysis    - Contact: (225) 242-2556 or Jim.Porter@la.gov21
Traffic Engineering Development    - 27
Traffic Engineering Management    - Contact: (225) 242-463277
Traffic Services Section    - Contact: (225) 935-010045
Traffic Signals / Signs    - For signals on State and Interstate Highways, contact our local District office. If the sign or signal is on a city str...
Transit Resource Guide    - Contact: 225-379-3055 The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) Public Transportation Section has publi... ... website81
Transit Systems    - Alexandria Transit (City) - (318) 449-5000 Baton Rouge (Capitol Area Transit System) - (225) 389-8282 Gretna - Jefferson T...
Transportation Alternatives Program    - Contact: (225) 379-1585 The Transportation Alternatives Program is a Federally funded program administered through LaDOTD. The ... ... websiteTAP
Transportation and Development, Louisiana Department of    - Vision - Mission - Values - Goals Vision: To be a leader in moving Louisiana forward Mission: To deliver transportation and pu... ... websiteDOTD
Transportation Grants to Assist Low Income Job Seekers    - Contact: Daria West - (225) 274-4302 The Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) is accepting requests for funds ...
Transportation Infrastructure Model for Economic Development    - The TIMED (Transportation Infrastructure Model for Economic Development) Program is the single largest transportation program in... ... websiteTIMED
Transportation Links    - Want to view other State Department of Transportation sites? ... website
Transportation Management Plans    - A Transportation Management Plan (TMP) lays out a set of coordinated transportation management strategies and describes how they... ... websiteTMP
Transportation Planning    - 225-379-1214 Highway Program State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Metropolitan Planning Organization...85
Transportation Research Board    - Transportation Research BoardTel. (202) 334-2934Fax: (202) 334-2003 ... websiteTRB
Transverse Crack    - A discontinuity in a pavement surface that runs generally perpendicular to the pavement centerline. In HMA pavements, transverse...
Traveler Information    - The 511 Travel Information Service gives updates on road conditions and emergency closures 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. ... ... website511, 56
Treatment Life    - The period of time during which a treatment application remains effective. Treatment life is contrasted with Life Extension.
Truck Center (Louisiana One Stop)    - "Louisiana One Stop Truck Center" as a central location where truckers can get most of what is needed to do business in Louisian...
Truck Permits    - Address: 1212 E. Hwy - Baton Rouge, LA 7080243
Truck Scale Locations   - See Louisiana Division of Administration ... website
Truck Violations    - I received a ticket for a truck violation. Where can I get information about the ticket? If the ticket was issued at a statio... ... website
Trucker Alerts    - Trucker Alerts information ... website
TWIC Card    - This is a Transportation Worker Identification Credential card and is necessary for anyone working in and around ports and the o...
Twin Span Bridge (New Construction)    - The Interstate 10 Twin Span Bridge across Lake Pontchartrain suffered serious damage from Hurricane Katrina. In the aftermath of... ... website
Two Component Sealant    - A sealant supplied in two components which must be mixed at a specified ratio prior to application in order to cure to final pro...
Ultra-thin Overlay    - An HMA overlay over an existing HMA or PCC pavement, generally less than 25 mm (1 in) in thickness.
Ultra-thin Whitetopping    - A thin (2 to 4 inch [50 to 100 mm]) PCC overlay over an existing HMA pavement. UTW is a functional overlay that provides a stabl...UTW
Unbonded Overlay    - An HMA overlay over an existing HMA or PCC pavement, generally less than 25 mm (1 in) in thickness. – Increase in the ...
Underground Storage Tanks (Materials Environmental Evaluation Unit)    - Contact: (225) 248-4131 Underground Storage Tank Lab This lab investigates and evaluates underground storage tank (UST) sites ... ... website22
Underground Utilities    - Louisiana One Call2215 West Boardwalk DriveBaton Rouge, LA 70816Toll Free: 800-584-4274Phone: 225-275-3700Fax: 225-272-1967 In ...
User Costs    - Costs incurred by highway users traveling on the facility, and the excess costs incurred by those who cannot use the facility be...
Utilities, Driveways and other Facilites on Highway Right-of-Way (Manual)    - Copies of this manual may be purchased from our General Files office located at 1201 Captiol Acces Road, Room 100, Baton Rouge, ...
Utility Relocation    - (225) 379-144529
Vendor Information    - Contact: (225) 379-1444 ... website
Vines on the I-10 and I-12 soundwalls in Baton Rouge    - The vines that are growing on the I-10 and I-12 sound walls in
Vital Records Registry    - Vital Records Registry: 504-219-4500 Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates ... website
Warranty    - Contractual agreement between an approved contractor/vendor ad the agency soliciting bids, that uses specific performance measur...
Water Resources    - Contact: (225) 274-4171 Water Resources Program Mission StatementTo administer and implement the water resources programs an... ... website64
Water Well Registry    - The Water Well Section of DOTD has been moved under the Department of Natural Resources Conservation Section.64
Waterblasting    - The use of a high-pressure water stream (8500 to 10,000 psi) to clean PCC. It may be used in PCC joint resealing to remove sawi...
Weight Enforcement (Trucks)    - 44
Weights & Standards    - The Weights and Standards Office at DOTD has moved under the authority of Louisiana State Police's Motor Carrier Safety Unit. Th...
Welcome Centers    - Detailed Map of Welcome Center Locations. ... website
Wildflower Locations    - Contact: RAY LEMOINE 318-561-5117 The Louisiana DOTD Wildflower Program is enlisting the help of the Master Gardener Program a... ... website
Work Zone Safety Tips    - A work zone is an area of a highway with construction, maintenance, or utility work activities. A work zone is typically marked ...
Working Crack    - A crack in a pavement that undergoes significant deflection and thermal opening and closing movements greater than 2 mm (1/16 in...