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Audit Section (31)

MISSON: The mission of the Audit section is to perform audits, financial reviews and related services testifying to the truth, and to report to others for use in accomplishing their objectives in the overall mission of the department.

PHILOSOPHY: The Audit section is committed to professionalism, integrity and innovation in serving customer information needs. Accurate and pertinent information communicated in an effective and timely manner is essential to the fulfillment of these needs.

Audit Section Management


Mark W. St. Cyr (225) 379-1099


Randall L. Jarreau (225) 379-1782

Consultant Reviews (project cost, overhead, and labor verifications)

The department outsources design and inspection engineering as well as environmental and other services on a negotiated contract basis with consultants. This negotiation is based on audited overhead and labor rate information developed/verified by the Audit section. Prior to the contract signing, upon request, proposed project costs may be reviewed by the Audit section. During the contract, and/or upon completion, project costs are verified and adjusted to the actual experienced.

Railroad and Utility Reviews

DOTD and FHWA participate in the cost of properly maintaining railroad crossings. Reimbursable signal and crossing costs incurred by the railroads are verified by the Audit section.

Highway construction or repairs that require utility removal or relocation may result in DOTD and FHWA participation. If so, the Audit section verifies project costs of utility work involved. Additionally, if an entity is unable to fund its share of the costs, it may request utility relocation assistance funding. The Audit section determines whether or not, and to what extent, the entity is able to bear the estimated costs for the utility relocation.

Department Reviews (project engineers, inventory, petty cash, and specials)

The department has both state and federal standards, procedures and regulations that must be adhered to. The Audit section performs periodic reviews of project engineers, district inventories and district/section petty-cash funds to assure compliance with these standards. When noncompliance is noted, recommendations are made to management for correction and/or to bring the Section/District in line with established regulations.

Additionally, upon request of management, the Audit section undertakes reviews of various entities both within and outside the department. These reviews are to insure that the most efficient and/or cost effective means of a service or process is being employed.

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