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Transportation Grants to Assist Low Income Job Seekers

Contact: Daria West - (225) 274-4302

The Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) is accepting requests for funds to assist private non-profit organizations, state or local governmental authorities, and operators of public transportation services to provide transportation services using the Job Access and Reverse Commute Program.

The program is authorized under the Title 49, U.S. Code, Section 3037 of the TEA-21 and/or Section 5316 of the SAFETEA-LU. Job Access refers to a project relating to the development and maintenance of transportation services to transport welfare recipients and eligible low-income individuals to and from jobs and activities related to their employment. Reverse Commute refers to a public transportation project designed to transport residents of urbanized areas and other than urbanized areas to suburban employment opportunities.

Only those organizations that already provide transportation services will be considered for funding assistance, and emphasis will be placed on projects that use mass transportation services. Minority transportation organizations are encouraged to apply.

Organizations seeking operating assistance funds may submit a letter requesting a Section 3037/5316 Application to the DOTD Public Transportation Section by Friday, June 22. The request letter should be sent to:

Daria West, Program Manager

LA Department of Transportation & Development

Public Transportation Section

8900 Jimmy Wedell, Room 133