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Structured Training Programs
Structured Training Programs

The DOTD Structured Training Program (STP) is a department-sanctioned progressive training curriculum that requires specific work-related training be completed at each level of an employee's career path. DOTD feels that training is a necessary component of career development and advancement. The department supports and promotes an environment of continual learning in order for employees to maximize their potential and provide qualified personnel crucial to the effective management of the transportation system. Structured training programs are designed to ensure workforce proficiency and knowledge. Structured Training also enhances worker preparedness to meet the future challenges of a more technical work environment.

Structured training represents a systematic approach to training to prepare an employee for career advancement. It can involve professional development, continuing education, hands-on and on-the-job training. Input was solicited from section heads, district administrators, and field personnel and all programs were reviewed and approved by the DOTD administration. The programs are as equitable as possible between sections and divisions.

While the structured training program defines the training required for the DOTD staff, it is recognized as the minimum training required. The administrators and supervisors can require additional training where necessary to improve employee performance and departmental operations.

DOTD Structured Training Program encompasses five areas:
  • Construction and Materials
  • Maintenance
  • Management Development
  • HQ Program Manager
  • District Liaison and Training Implementation Specialist
  • District Training Offices

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