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(SRA) Sabine River Authority (60)

Toledo Bend Lake
The Toledo Bend Project was constructed by the Sabine River Authority, State of Louisiana and the Sabine River Authority of Texas, primarily for the purpose of water supply, hydroelectric power generation and recreation. Construction of the Project began in April 1964 with completion of the power plant in 1969. The Reservoir is located in Louisiana and Texas on the Sabine River, which forms a portion of the boundary between the two states.

Toledo Bend Reservoir is the largest man-made body of water in the South, and the fifth largest in surface acres in the United States with water normally covering an area of 185,000 acres at full pool stage. From the damsite the reservoir extends up the river for about 65 miles to Logansport, Louisiana.

The Reservoir with its 1,200 miles of shoreline, offers an almost unlimited opportunity for recreational development and is a major element in serving the growing demand for water oriented outdoor recreation. Both private and public facilities are available for swimming, boating, fishing, picnicking, camping, etc.

The Toledo Bend area is unique for retirement. It is ideally suited to all ages. It offers a temperate climate, recreation, clean air and water, choice homesites, low property taxes, police and fire protection, and a stable economy in a scenic and historic setting in Western Louisiana.

Leaseback and Permits
As the regulatory authority for Toledo Bend Reservoir, Sabine River Authority of Louisiana has the responsibility of insuring the proper use of the shoreline of Toledo Bend by adjacent landowners. As such the leaseback and permit program was developed.

The leaseback along the shore of Toledo Bend is land owned by the SRA which lays between the top of power pool elevation of 172 feet and the take line, normally at the 175 foot elevation. This land was leased to the adjacent property owner and the leaseback agreement is a means whereby the private land owners may have the use of this property.

The lessee, or his heirs, has the right to remain in possession of the leaseback agreement for 99 years. The Leaseback Agreement allows for the construction and ownership of docks, boathouses, wharves and retaining walls for boating, fishing and swimming. The lessee also enjoys the exclusive use of the whole area to grow and to cultivate and to cut and remove timber and agricultural crops, including grazing of animals.

Applications must be made for and permission granted by the SRA to locate piers, docks, boathouses or other facilities that extend into the reservoir below the 172 foot elevation.

Although the lessee enjoys many privileges with the Leaseback Agreement, there are some restrictions: because the land below the 175 foot elevation is subject to flooding, buildings or structures for human habitation are not permitted on leaseback. Also in an effort to keep the waters of Toledo Bend pure, no bathroom facilities, septic tanks, oxidation ponds or tanks are permitted in the leaseback area.

A fee of $35 is charged for any permit to construct a dock, boathouse, wharves or retaining wall. Also, a permit transfer fee of $35 is required for ownership changes. Water withdrawal permits have an annual fee of $50. Anyone having questions or desiring information on leasebacks or permits should contact the Sabine River Authority at (318) 256-4112.

SRA Parks
The Sabine River Authority also owns and operates five large recreation parks on Toledo Bend Reservoir. These parks have a total combined area of 738 acres and offer several different services to the public. Each park contains a boat launching ramp, parking area, restroom facilities and areas for primitive camping. In addition to these facilities, San Miguel, Cypress Bend Park, and Pleasure Point Park also have a total of 180 RV trailer spurs, with either partial or complete utilit

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