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Customer Service Center (01)

Contact: 1-877-4LADOTD (1-877-452-3683) or (225) 379-1232


Hours: 7:30-5:30pm Monday-Friday.

Please contact us with any problems, comments, compliments or concerns with DOTD projects, or employees.

Our Statement of Purpose...
"To provide excellence in customer service through a positive and friendly attitude to all citizens, visitors, and employees."

Our Pledge...

We understand the importance of providing quality products and services as reflected in our mission statement. We are committed to treating our customers with respect, courtesy, and dignity. We strive to ensure all our customers receive timely responses with accurate information. We understand the value of customer input and will consider that input in our decision-making processes. We believe that by improving our customer service, we can provide a higher quality, safer, more accessible transportation system to the public

Who are our customers?

External -- Citizens requesting a service or information; visitors and vendors soliciting business with the State Department of Transportation and Development

Internal -- Employees requesting services, staff support and/or information from other Sections.

What can our customers expect?

  • To have a high quality transportation infrastructure that is safe, accessible, and well maintained.
  • To be treated with courtesy and respect and assisted by knowledgeable and polite staff.
  • To receive prompt and accurate responses to information inquiries, or an explanation if the information cannot be provided as requested.
  • To have complaints listened to openly and objectively with prompt attention given to providing the customer with honest and accurate expectations for resolution.
  • To have easy access to accurate and timely information that affects daily travel on our state transportation system.