Louisiana Transit Resource Guide

Saint Helena Parish
St. Helena Parish Hospital
Last Update: 6/23/2016 12:00:00 AM
Operated By: St. Helena Parish Hospital
Contact: David Williams Director of Tansportation
Address: 16874 Hwy 43 North
Greensburg LA   70441
Phone: (225) 222-6111
Fax: (225) 222-6110
Email Address: dwilliams@shhosp.org
Funding Class: 5310 Seniors and Persons with Disabilities
Vehicles: 4 lift-equipped
Clients Served: Elderly,disabled, acutely & chronically ill
ServiceProvided: Demand-responsive
Operating Hours: Daytime
Base Fare: $.31 per mile
Service Area: St Helena Parish
Total Operating Costs: 10,019.03
Ridership: 3,619
Annual System Miles: 33,586
Type of System: Specialized
St. Helena Parish Police Jury
Last Update: 6/18/2018 12:00:00 AM
Operated By: St. Helena Parish Council on Aging
Legislative Districts: 61
Congressional Districts: 6
Contact: Jim Robb
Address: 48 Kendrick St.
Greensburg LA   70441
Phone: 225-222-6070
Fax: 225-222-4924
Email Address: jhrobb3rd@yahoo.com
Funding Class:
5311 Rural
Provides general public transportation to residents of St. Helena Parish.
Vehicles: Para Transit vans 8-12 Passangers
Clients Served: General Public
ServiceProvided: Demand Response
Operating Hours: 7.30-4.00 Monday to Friday
Base Fare: $5.00 Seniors
$10.00 non seniors
Service Area: St Helena Parish . Hammond
2018 System Data
Total Operating Costs: $84,742
Ridership: 1,213
Annual System Miles: 22,867
Cost Per Trip: 34.93
Cost Per Mile: 1.85