Compensation Article
Tuesday, August 24, 2021 at 4:02:02 PM

Attention Consultant Community,

Please be advised that the Compensation Article has been revised for new contracts. For new IDIQ contracts, the initial rates established will be used for the duration of the IDIQ contract, without adjustment. For new project-specific contracts, the rates may be updated every five (5) years, if requested by the consultant.

The revised Compensation articles are provided below.


The maximum compensation payable to Consultant for all services rendered in connection with this contract shall be $XXX.

Compensation to Consultant for services rendered in connection with each TO may, in DOTD’s sole discretion, be made on the basis of a lump sum, cost-plus fixed fee, cost per unit of work, or specific rates of compensation and shall be subject to the maximum limitation stated in the TO. The maximum limitation for each TO will be determined based on either non-negotiated or negotiated work hours, at the sole discretion of DOTD.

If specific rates of compensation are established for this contract, these specific rates of compensation will be used for the duration of the contract, without adjustment, on all task orders issued under the contract.

COMPENSATION (Project-Specific)

Compensation to the consultant for the services set forth herein shall be based on actual work hours and established specific rates of compensation, as established in the Rate Letter issued by DOTD Consultant Contracts Services, for the work performed and the direct expenses incurred by the consultant, with a maximum limitation of $XXX.

These specific rates of compensation will be used for the duration of the contract, without adjustment, except if the duration of the contract is longer than five (5) years. In that event, Consultant may request to have such specific rates of compensation updated every five (5) years; however, any resulting adjustment to the contract specific rates of compensation shall not be cause for an increase in the maximum compensation limitation imposed herein.

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