State Transportation Policy Committee approves DOTD Statewide Plan
Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 4:17:22 PM
Today, at the Louisiana State Capitol, the Louisiana Transportation Policy Committee unanimously voted to accept the Department of Transportation and Development’s Statewide Transportation Plan.

The 30-year plan outlines major projects and funding scenarios needed to make the projects become reality. It also includes future multi-modal efforts needed to address freight, rail, ports, aviation and public transit. It is the result of in-depth analyses of the condition and performance of Louisiana’s transportation system. The projects included in the plan were chosen after discussions with public and private sectors, elected officials, and after a public comment period.

“This plan provides the vision for our multi-modal transportation infrastructure system,” said Sec. Sherri LeBas. “The prior plan was developed in 2003 and updated in 2008. Many of the Priority A projects from the 2008 plan have been completed or begun, such as Interstate 49 North, widening Interstates 10 and 12 and the work on I-49 South. I want to thank the committee, the DOTD staff and all the participants throughout the process who made this possible.”

The plan will help create the well-connected, high mobility, and community-friendly transportation system that the State needs to compete in the global economy and to provide an enhanced quality of life for residents.

For more information or to view the plan, click here.