Tidbit Tuesday
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 2:14:45 PM
Tidbit Tuesday #2

Let's talk about Purpose and Need and how it fits into traffic studies.

Typically, when we get a request from the general public or other clients to fix a perceived traffic problem, it comes with a suggested fix like a turn lane or widening the road. This is not usually the Purpose and Need. It's important to ask enough questions during the initial request to find out why they think there is a problem and if the fix they want is even practical or feasible for the perceived issue. If a traffic study is needed, a preliminary purpose and need is identified for the scope. The data analysis during the traffic study determines if there is a problem and ultimately defines the Purpose and Need. This Purpose and Need can then be used to develop a project to address the problem.

Simply put, a perceived problem initiates a traffic study wherein data analysis determines if a project is needed and ultimately defines the Purpose and Need statement for a construction project.

Thanks for reading!