Tidbit Tuesday
Tuesday, December 03, 2019 at 4:02:15 PM
Tidbit Tuesday #8

Deliverables – Ready! or Not?

Your eyes are crossed, you drank the last of the coffee an hour ago and you’re wondering if you have carpal tunnel, but you’re finally(!) about to click that send button. Sounds like college all over again, right? College may be a long ago memory for some of us, but like double checking the syllabus for report requirements, stop a moment and ensure that you’ve met all the requirements for that deliverable by checking your scope or the online Traffic Engineering Process and Report (TEPR) guidelines.

TEPR contains all the guidelines and requirements for submittals, so checking it can help ensure that you have everything required when submitting a deliverable. We all want our projects completed under budget and on time, so it’s important to remember that review times are based on the assumption that deliverables are not a draft - they’re complete, meet QA/QC standards and contain minimal to no errors. If there are any significant errors or changes made to the deliverable after it’s been submitted, then the review time is reset when it’s submitted again. This kind of delay can cause problems meeting future deadlines. In the words of an esteemed Founding Father, “time is money,” so use them both wisely!

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