US 61 at La 964 (Baker Canal Bridge) East Baton Rouge Parish

Project Details
State Proj. No.: H.000698.6
Start date:
February 2015

Finish date:
February 2016

Cost: 4.6 million
Contractor: James Construction Group LLC
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US 61 currently has 29,300 vehicles per day with a projected 42,100 vehicles per day by the year 2033.  The original bridges were constructed in 1959.  The current bridges are in need of replacement and with the growth of the population of the northern part of East Baton Rouge parish the merge lane from La 964 SB and from US 61 NB to La 964 needed to be extended.  Therefore DOTD will be replacing the existing two lane structures with three lanes in each direction in two phases.

Phase 1

The inside rail of each existing bridge will be removed and the new inside lanes of the new bridges will be constructed on the inside of the current bridges.  Once the new inside lanes are constructed the project will move to phase 2

Phase 2

The Contractor will switch traffic to the new lanes of the new bridge and the existing structures will be completely removed.  Once the existing structure is removed the outside lanes of the new bridges will be constructed and tied into the inside lanes.  Once the outside lanes are constructed the roadway and bridges will be marked in their permanent configuration. 


We know road construction can present challenges, particularly when it takes place along a heavily-traveled commercial thoroughfare like US 61 and DOTD appreciates your patience.