The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD), in cooperation with West Baton Rouge Parish and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), proposes to develop a connector between Louisiana Highway 1 (LA 1) with LA 415, including a new bridge over the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW). The purpose of the proposed project is system linkage in West Baton Rouge Parish, within the Greater Baton Rouge region, and is needed to provide direct connection and relief routes between the existing LA 1 Interstate 10 (I-10) and LA 415.

An Environmental Assessment (EA) was completed and a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) was received in April 2007. The DOTD performed a vessel survey in 2017 to assess the necessary bridge height for crossing of the GIWW. With the completion of the vessel survey, changes in scope and footprint, and expansion of development in the project area, DOTD has reevaluated the EA/FONSI and received federal approval.

The EA/FONSI recommended moving forward with Build Alternative 4 with LA 1 Intersection B, which included a four-lane connector roadway with four-lane bridge over the GIWW. Build Alternative 4 was proposed with four, 12-foot travel lanes with eight-foot outside shoulders. The required bridge height was a vertical clearance of 73 feet above mean high water (MHW) with a horizontal clearance of 125 feet. The 2017 vessel survey confirmed the necessary vertical clearance would remain 73 feet above MHW.

The reevaluation will continue to consider construction of a new four-lane roadway and bridge(s) between LA 1 in the vicinity of LA 988 and LA 415 at I-10 including modifications to the LA 1 and I-10 ramps. The bridge over the GIWW will be either a dual structure or a single structure. A new route (Blue Alternative) that does not use the same alignment as the FONSI-approved Build Alternative 4 is being considered. Additionally, much of the route will be elevated due to navigable water clearance requirements and existing infrastructure. This differs from the EA selected route, which was predominately an at-grade roadway.

The new Alternative under consideration proposes four, 12-foot travel lanes and paved eight-foot outside and four-foot insider shoulders with a 45 mile per hour design speed. The new bridge will support a 360-foot main span or spans over the GIWW. A half diamond interchange at LA 1 is proposed, with the potential to expand to a full diamond interchange in the future. Control of access (COA) associated with the LA 1 interchange will necessitate construction of an access road (shown in blue on the map) for affected businesses and residences between St. Titus Lane and Forest Drive on the west side of LA 1. The interchange at LA 415 and I-10 will remain a full diamond interchange. Modifications to this interchange include two through lanes and two left turn lanes in each direction from LA 415, resulting in the widening of the I-10 eastbound on ramp and I-10 westbound on ramp to two lanes each. I-10 eastbound and I-10 westbound off ramps are to be widened to four lanes each.

The proposed Alternative is elevated from the vicinity of the 415 Truck Stop and Casino immediately south of LA 415, over the GIWW and remains elevated until it crosses North Line Road. Upon crossing North Line ROad, the roadway briefly returns to grade before an elevated diamond interchange crossing at Sun Plus Parkway. The roadway returns to grade south of the Sun Plus Parkway and includes an access road to Canal Way, after which it will ramp up for the half-diamond interchange with LA 1.

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