US 165 @ US 84: J-Turns

Project Details
State Proj. No.: H.013099
Cost: $1.8 million
Contractor: Gilchrist Construction Co.
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The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) let a project in June 2018 to install raised islands to restrict left turns from US 84 onto US 165 near Tullos, Louisiana in La Salle Parish.

The project also included modifying existing U-turns on US 165 north and south of the US 84/US 165 intersection to include left-turn storage bays and U-turn bulb-outs (J-turns) to accomodate larger vehicles.

The $1.8 million project was awarded to Gilchrist Construction Co. with work beginning in September 2018. The project was completed in Spring 2019. 

The purpose and need for the project was to reduce the potential for high-speed, severe crashes at the intersection of US 165 and US 84. By restricting the turning movements and conflict points at this intersection, it's anticipated that the number of potentially severe crashes will be reduced as a result of this project. 

The project corridor had a high percentage of right-angle crashes occurring at the intersection when compared to the statewide average of other similar roadways. Right-angle crashes result from motorists in a through lane crashing into another vehicle at a 90 degree angle. Therefore, right-angle crashes on high-speed roadways have a high potential to result in an injury of fatality. 

A J-turn is a reconfiguration of the existing intersection that is used in different parts of the country to improve traffic flow. DOTD has begun using the concept at specific locations across Louisiana.  

The J-turn functions by redirection through and left-turning traffic on the side street approach to turn right, proceed to the nearby U-turn, and then return to its original course.