Proposal H.013259.6-R1 Item Summary

Scheduled for Letting 05/13/2020  
US 171: US 190 - 0.03 MI N WEST DR.

NOTE: Items and quantities shown are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to revision.
0001202-02-06100Removal of Concrete Walks and Drives SQYD220
0002202-02-06140Removal of Curbs (Concrete) LNFT955
0003202-02-32140Removal of Pipe (Storm Drain) TO BE USED WITH CB-06LNFT10
0004202-02-32160Removal of Pipe (Yard Drain) 10"LNFT15
0005203-01-00100General Excavation CUYD3
0006203-07-00100Borrow (Vehicular Measurement) CUYD13
0007502-01-00100Asphalt Concrete TON1,857
0008502-01-00200Asphalt Concrete, Drives, Turnouts and Miscellaneous TON55.3
0009509-01-00100Milling Asphalt Pavement SQYD17,385
0010509-02-00100Contractor Retained Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement CUYD-966
0011510-01-00250Pavement Patching (14 inch Minimum Thickness) SQYD450
0012701-07-00400Yard Drain Pipe (10") LNFT15
0013701-15-00100Concrete Collar EACH3
0014702-03-00500Catch Basins (CB-06) TO BE INSTALLED AS PER CB-2OPEN06EACH1
0015702-04-00200Adjusting Catch Basins EACH1
0016706-01-00100Concrete Walk (4" Thick) SQYD94
0017706-04-00100Handicapped Curb Ramps EACH11
0018707-01-00200Concrete Curb (Barrier) LNFT955
0019710-01-00100Flowable Fill CUYD5
0020713-01-00100Temporary Signs and Barricades LUMP1
0021713-02-00300Temporary Pavement Markings (8" Width) LNFT4,420
0022713-02-00500Temporary Pavement Markings (24" Width) LNFT662
0023713-03-01000Temporary Pavement Markings (Broken Line) (4" Width) (4' Length) MILE3
0024713-03-02000Temporary Pavement Markings (Broken Line) (4" Width) (10' Length) MILE3.424
0025713-04-01000Temporary Pavement Markings (Solid Line) (4" Width) MILE4.496
0026713-05-00100Temporary Pavement Legends & Symbols (Arrow) EACH40
0027713-05-00200Temporary Pavement Legends & Symbols (Double Arrow) EACH2
0028714-01-00600Slab Sodding (St. Augustine) SQYD56
0029726-01-00100Bedding Material CUYD2
0030727-01-00100Mobilization LUMP1
0031731-02-00100Reflectorized Raised Pavement Markers EACH1,422
0032732-01-01040Plastic Pavement Striping (8" Width) (Thermoplastic 90 mil) LNFT1,375
0033732-01-02040Plastic Pavement Striping (8" Width) (Thermoplastic 125 mil) LNFT835
0034732-01-02080Plastic Pavement Striping (24" Width) (Thermoplastic 125 mil) LNFT331
0035732-02-02000Plastic Pavement Striping (Solid Line) (4" Width) (Thermoplastic 90 mil) MILE2.248
0036732-03-02000Plastic Pavement Striping (Broken Line) (4" Width) (Thermoplastic 90 mil) MILE1.712
0037732-03-02010Plastic Pavement Striping (Dotted Line)(4" W)(2' L)(Thermo 90 mil) MILE0.172
0038732-03-02030Plastic Pavement Striping (Dotted Line)(8" W)(2' L)(Thermo 90 mil) MILE0.057
0039732-04-01020Plastic Pavement Legends and Symbols (Arrow - Straight) EACH2
0040732-04-01040Plastic Pavement Legends and Symbols (Arrow - Double) EACH1
0041732-04-01080Plastic Pavement Legends and Symbols (Arrow - Left Turn) EACH18
0042740-01-00100Construction Layout LUMP1
0043NS-MSC-00080Detectable Warning System Retrofit for Curb Ramps EACH9