Proposal H.012683.6 Item Summary

Scheduled for Letting 05/13/2020  

NOTE: Items and quantities shown are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to revision.
0001202-02-38220Removal of Sign Supports EACH183
0002202-02-38300Removal of Sign and U-Channel Post EACH35
0003202-02-38360Removal of Sign Faces EACH321
0004706-03-00300Incidental Concrete Paving (6" Thick) SQYD13.9
0005713-01-00100Temporary Signs and Barricades LUMP1
0006727-01-00100Mobilization LUMP1
0007729-01-00100Sign (Type A) SQFT2,061.3
0008729-04-00100Sign (Type D) SQFT3,594
0009729-05-00100Sign (Type E) SQFT396
0010729-06-00100Sign (Overhead Mounted) SQFT119
0011729-08-00100Mounting (2 1/2" Size Post) EACH18
0012729-08-00200Mounting (3 1/2" Size Post) EACH51
0013729-08-00300Mounting (5" Size Post) EACH9
0014729-08-00600Mounting (W6 x 12 Size Post) EACH42
0015729-08-00700Mounting (W8 x 18 Size Post) EACH14
0016729-08-00800Mounting (W8 x 24 Size Post) EACH10
0017729-16-00300Object Marker Assembly (Type 3) EACH7
0018729-22-00200Square Tubing Post with 2-1/4" Omni-Directional Anchor EACH21
0019740-01-00100Construction Layout LUMP1
0020NS-713-00009Portable Changeable Message Sign (with communications) EACH4
0021NS-729-00029Breakaway Square Tubing Sign Support w/ Mowing Pad EACH35
0022NS-729-00031Breakaway Square Tubing Sign Support (Surface Mount) EACH12