Government St (LA 73) Road Diet

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State Proj. No.: H.011295
Start date:
Spring 2014

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The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) and the City of Baton Rouge/Parish of East Baton Rouge Government (City/Parish) propose the Louisiana State Highway (LA) 73 (Government Street) project which consists of rehabilitating the existing pavement and implementing a “road diet” to incorporate bicycle and pedestrian friendly concepts. The road diet would reduce the number of travel lanes on Government Street from four lanes (two lanes in each direction) to three lanes (one travel lane in each direction with a center two-way-left-turn-lane).  Approximately 4.2 miles of the Government Street corridor from East Boulevard (30.443714, -91.18071) in Downtown Baton Rouge continuing eastward to the Lobdell Avenue intersection (30.445397, -91.111033) near Independence Park is included in this project.  A roundabout would replace the signalized intersection at Government Street, Lobdell Avenue, and Independence Park Boulevard.  The turning geometry at the Government Street and Jefferson Highway intersection would also be improved.

Project Documents
H011295_ ApprovedCE_22Ag20174 mb8/22/2017
Community College Dr and Gov't433 kb5/11/2017
Acadian and Gov't491 kb5/11/2017
21st 22nd and Gov't236 kb5/11/2017
Park and Gov't440 kb5/11/2017
App_C1 mb9/9/2016
App_B99 mb9/9/2016
App_A7 mb9/9/2016
H011295_CE_document_approved2 mb9/9/2016
Revised_Exhibit817 mb5/19/2016
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H011295_PublicMeetingTranscript99 mb5/19/2016
Roundabout_Study_GovernmentSt_LobdellAve9 mb2/22/2016
_MEETING Handout 0112951 mb12/21/2015
H011295_presentation3 mb12/17/2015
Traffic_and_Safety_Analyses29 mb12/3/2015
SAFETY BOARD1 mb12/3/2015