LA 3241: I12 to Bush, St. Tammany Parish

Updated 8-2020
Project Description & Highlights
  • DOTD reaffirms its commitment to fulfill legislative mandate, RS 47:820.2B(e).
  • New four-lane divided highway connecting Interstate 12 to Bush, La.
    • 19.8 miles from La 434 north La 434/I-12 intersection
    • Broken up into three (3) segments
    • Utilizes abandoned rail corridor
    • Provides an alternative north/south connection
    • Reduces congestion/delays for south bound travelers to I-12
    • Enhances economic development in surrounding parishes
  • Total estimated construction cost: $210M
Record of Decision
On April 12, 2016, FHWA issued its Record of Decision (ROD). FHWA adopted the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) prepared by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) wherein the alignment, alternative Q, for the captioned project was selected. This adoption enables the Department to use Federal funds to construct the project. The Adopted FEIS and ROD can be accessed at the link below. The Department hosted an open house meeting during the FEIS comment period to share information about the project. The public meeting transcript is also available at the link below.

Link to Environmental Documents: I12 to Bush Environmental Documents Please note that the document published by DOTD and FHWA was titled a Supplemental FEIS when it should have been referred to as the Adopted FEIS.

Current Status
The project is broken into three (3) segments.

Segment 1
  • Southernmost segment
  • LA 434/I-12 Interchange to LA 36
  • 6.2 Miles in length
    • One bridge structure over Fire Tower Road
    • Utilizes both concrete and asphalt pavement
    • Utilizes Roundabouts
      • I-12 Westbound Ramps
      • Krentel/Dixie Ranch Rd.
      • Legend Blvd.
      • Tamanend Way
      • Relocated LA 434
  • Plan Development
    • Right of-Way Map - 60% complete
    • Final Plans Development – 60% complete
    • Right-of-Way Appraisal/Acquisition – Yet to be started
    • Construction cost: $80M
Segment 2
  • This is the middle segment
  • Limits are from La 36 to La 435
  • Length is approximately 8.0 miles on mainline
    • Has two (2) bridge structures over Bayou Lacombe & Tributary
    • Has asphalt pavement section
    • Has median openings within segment
  • Plan Development
    • Right of-Way Map - Completed
    • Final Plans Development – 90% complete
    • Right-of-Way Appraisal/Acquisition – anticipate 1 year to complete
    • Construction cost: $75M
Segment 3
  • This is the northernmost segment
  • Limits are from La 435 to La 40/La 41
  • Length is approximately 5.6 miles on mainline
    • Has one (1) bridge structure over Talisheek Creek
    • Has asphalt pavement section
    • Has median openings within segment
  • Plan Development
  • Right of-Way Map - Completed
  • Final Plans Development – 98% complete
  • Right-of-Way Appraisal/Acquisition – anticipate 5 months to complete
  • Construction cost: $55M
Wetland Mitigation for I-12 to Bush
The Department is working on a mitigation plan for the I-12 to Bush project. Mitigating unavoidable impacts to wetlands is required to obtain a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued Section 404 permit (wetland permit).

  • DOTD sets aside up to $25 million annually for two (2) remaining TIMED Projects
  • Securing the non-toll P3 funding source in 2019 was suspended
  • DOTD has begun applying for a federal loan (TIFIA loan) to gain access to the Act 443 funds ($50 million in BP settlement), to bring forward enough cash to begin construction on one or two phases of the project.
    • Once the TIFIA loan is approved, Act 443 funds in combination with $25 million annual Highway Priority Program allocation will allow DOTD to take bids on segments 2 & 3 in year 2021.
  • While the construction of segments 2 and 3 is underway, final design and right-of-way acquisition will be completed for segment 1 (southernmost) (I-12 to La 36). Upon project delivery, construction can then commence on all or portions of segment 1 as funds are available.