Proposal H.015599.6 Item Summary

Scheduled for Letting 02/14/2024  
BARGE 305-035 5 YR. DRYDOCK (2023)
1/19/2024 - Added to the letting of February 14, 2024. SPECIAL NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS: The Build America Buy America ("BABA") provisions of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (“IIJA”) as defined in PL 117-58, enacted on November 15, 2021, apply to this project.

NOTE: Items and quantities shown are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to revision.
0001NS-FBT-00100Anodes LUMP1
0002NS-FBT-00160Bulwark and Deck Painting LUMP1
0003NS-FBT-00340Dry Docking LUMP1
0004NS-FBT-00360Dry Docking Inspection LUMP1
0005NS-FBT-00540Hull Painting LUMP1
0006NS-FBT-00550Painting DeckhouseLUMP1
0007NS-FBT-00645Landing Barge Electrical System LUMP1
0008NS-FBT-00720Manholes LUMP1
0009NS-FBT-00741Miscellaneous Steel Repairs LB1,000
0010NS-FBT-01090Repair Ramp PinsLUMP1
0011NS-FBT-01090Repair Ramp Wire RopeLUMP1
0012NS-FBT-01090Repair RatchetsLUMP1
0013NS-FBT-01090Repair WindowsLUMP1
0014NS-FBT-01120Replace Fire Pumps LUMP1
0015NS-FBT-01190Replace LightingLUMP1
0016NS-FBT-01190Replace Rescue Boat Winch and RopeLUMP1
0017NS-FBT-01320Sea Chest and Bilge Suction Valves LUMP1
0018NS-FBT-01440Sonic Gauging LUMP1
0019NS-FBT-01480Void and Ballast Compartment Treatment and Painting LUMP1