Jefferson Highway - LA 73 Essen to Airline Highway Project Update 2
Wednesday, April 17, 2024 at 2:22:02 PM
We have received a few comments about the lack of work on the Jefferson project.

At this time, minimal work is being completed. The reason goes back to the beginning of the project when we began digging up at the I-12 ramp toward Chelsea. This small section had unsuitable soil for a road base. It was not strong enough to build a road on.

In spite of this, we continued with the rest of the project working toward Bluebonnet Road.

We had to work out a change order to the project to address this unforeseen issue. This area (I-12 ramp toward Chelsea) would need additional material and time to bring it up to an acceptable roadway standard.

We expect to be back at it by the end of this week and this should only delay the project by a few weeks. We expect to move from the Drusilla side to the Bluebonnet Road - Floynell area by approximately mid-May to conduct similar work.

Once the crews move the Drusilla to Bluebonnet Road area return to five lanes. That said, the middle lanes that were just removed will be slightly lower than the older lanes as they will be missing the final layer, called the riding course.

Crews will return to the Drusilla side by Fall 2024 where they will begin removing one outside lane at a time. This work will continue for about 6 months where all lanes will be removed and built back up except for the final layer. At this time the road will be reduced to four lanes (1 lane in one direction, 2 in the other, and the center turn lane)

If this schedule holds, the whole project will be complete February/March 2026.