DOTD restricts pedestrian access to Nantachie Lake spillway in Grant Parish
Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 5:14:03 PM

DOTD restricts pedestrian access to Nantachie Lake spillway in Grant Parish

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is taking steps to restrict pedestrian access to the Nantachie Lake spillway in Grant Parish in an effort to improve safety at the structure.

For safety, operational, and maintenance purposes, DOTD has installed pedestrian gates across both entrances to the Nantachie Lake spillway to prevent individuals from walking onto the structure. It should be noted that DOTD’s access to the existing dam and spillway is through a servitude across private property. The servitude was originally acquired for purposes associated with the construction, repair, and operation of the dam. Nantachie Dam Road is a privately owned roadway. Decisions regarding restriction of access along the roadway is determined by the property owners. DOTD has no plan to independently restrict access to Nantachie Dam Road, but will not object to the rights of private land owners to limit access beyond the intent of the servitude.

DOTD operates and maintains the spillway and drawdown gate at Nantachie Lake, one of 21 dams and spillways statewide that the department is required by law to operate and maintain. This regulation does not extend to the lake itself or the shoreline, which falls under the authority of the Grant Parish Police Jury and LA Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries (LDWF).

It’s important to keep in mind that unauthorized access to state-owned structures such as dams and spillways poses a safety risk, and DOTD will continue to take steps to minimize this risk where it’s appropriate and feasible to do so.

The Nantachie dam and spillway over Nantachie Creek on the south end of the lake was built in 1964 under the direction of the Louisiana Department of Public Works. The lake itself was originally created to enhance the wildlife and fisheries habitat, as well as to provide recreational opportunities for citizens in the state.