Changes to DOTD Form 24-102 Revised January 1, 2023
Thursday, December 29, 2022 at 12:14:47 PM

UPDATE: With current advertisements that are posted with the March 1, 2022 DOTD Form 24-102, CCS will accept either version of the DOTD Form 24-102. Once the January 1, 2023 DOTD Form 24-102 Form is posted with an advertisement, we will accept only that form.

Attention Consultant Community:

Please be advised that the DOTD Form 24-102 has been revised to incorporate some minor changes.

The revised DOTD Form 24-102, dated January 1, 2023, can be found at the link below. All changes to the form have been highlighted in yellow. Please begin using the January 1, 2023 version immediately.

DOTD Consultant Ads Section 80

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