Dept. of Transportation and Development Announces Bid Results for Statewide Projects
Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 12:59:21 PM
BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) announced today that 22 projects around the state received bids recently. Fifteen contractors presented apparent low bids totaling $105.1 million.

“We’re thrilled that this month’s letting features quite a few bridge replacement projects around the state,” said DOTD Secretary Shawn D. Wilson, Ph.D. “Louisiana has many bridges in need of repair and replacement, and closing down a bridge is never a great experience for anybody involved. But replacing bridges with new, modern crossings is great news for all travelers, and we’re proud to be able to provide this essential infrastructure for our citizens and visitors as funding allows.”

The projects and their apparent low bids are as follows:

Bridge Replacement and Repair:
  • Replacement of Middle Fork Bayou and creek bridges on LA 9 in Claiborne Parish: $13,729,382.85
  • Replacement of Turner Canal Bridge on LA 1183 in Avoyelles Parish: $2,352,663.45
  • Replacement of Bayou Chevreuille Bridge on LA 1226 in Natchitoches Parish: $2,604,114.50
  • Replacement of Drain Bridge near Stoney Point on LA 450 in Washington Parish: $1,297,706.90
  • Replacement of Calcasieu River Bridge on LA 121 in Rapides Parish: $28,552,881.30
  • Replacement of Caney Creek Bridge on Dorcheat Rd. in Webster Parish: $1,617,037.80
  • Replacement of Slash Bayou Tributary Bridge on Bethel Rd. in Rapides Parish: $1,189,285.30
  • Replacement of Bayou Boeuf Bridge on Carbon Plant Rd. in Avoyelles Parish: $1,686,217.90
  • Replacement of Bayou Mallet Bridge on Jesse B Rd. in St. Landry Parish: $1,203,879.80
  • Replacement of Calcasieu River Relief Bridge on Reeds Bridge Rd. in Allen Parish: $2,021,986.05
  • Replacement of Canal Bridge on LA 384 in Cameron Parish: $848,936.00
  • Replacement of bridges near Coushatta on LA 155 in Red River Parish: $13,339,761.79
  • Repairs to Mermentau River and Superior Canal bridges on LA 82 in Cameron Parish: $1,956,116.70
Pavement/ Overlay:
  • Milling, patching, overlay, and drainage on LA 70 between LA 1 and LA 1015-1 in Assumption Parish: $13,241,762.80
  • Drainage and roadway washout repairs on LA 951 in East Feliciana Parish: $972,671.70
  • Paving, overlay, and patching on LA 3249 between I-20 service road and overpass in Ouachita Parish: $1,378,709.70
  • Milling, paving, and drainage on LA 1221 between LA 120 and Leo Jennings Rd. in Natchitoches Parish: $3,151,906.93
Congestion Mitigation and Safety:
  • Striping and pavement markings on I-10 between U.S. 90Z and I-610 in Orleans Parish: $1,353,985.80
  • Intersection improvements at U.S. 190 and LA 22 in St. Tammany Parish: $10,327,935.25
  • Fence repair along I-10 and I-210 in Calcasieu Parish: $988,259.00
  • Replacement of Bundick Lake gate in Beauregard Parish: $890,812.00
  • Bicycle/pedestrian facilities, striping, and landscaping along Eddie Robinson Sr. Dr. and Louisiana Ave. as part of the Downtown Greenway project in East Baton Rouge Parish: $359,959.81

When bids for projects are received, an “apparent low bidder” is identified, although the process of actually finalizing and awarding the contract takes about 30 days. Bids deemed outside of a certain range typically trigger a more extensive review. DOTD will continue to monitor increases in bid prices related to supply chain and workforce issues. After a review, DOTD may opt to have the project re-bid.

Construction projects are prioritized by road/bridge condition, urgency of improvements, type/volume of traffic, crash records, unforeseeable emergencies that caused damage, and several other factors.

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