Dept. of Transportation and Development Announces Bid Results for Statewide Projects
Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 10:11:09 AM
BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) announced today that nine projects around the state received bids recently. Nine contractors presented apparent low bids totaling $50.7 million.

“This month’s letting features a major project to rehabilitate the Berwick Bay Bridge in the Berwick/Morgan City area,” said DOTD Secretary Shawn D. Wilson, Ph.D. “There are several smaller projects that will also be starting in the coming months. As 2022 continues, we’re pleased to be able to offer various improvement projects to infrastructure around our state, no matter how small or large.”

The projects and their apparent low bids are as follows:

Bridge Replacement and Repair:
  • Rehabilitation of Berwick Bay Bridge on LA 182 in St. Mary Parish: $25,969,337.50
  • Replacement of Joe’s Bayou and Carraway Lake bridges on LA 134 in East Carroll Parish: $6,314,414.80
  • Replacement of Sandy Creek Bridge on LA 961 in East Feliciana Parish: $2,255,649.59
Pavement/ Overlay:
  • Milling, overlay, and drainage on Henning Dr. and Weekly Rd. in Calcasieu Parish: $1,411,972.09
  • Milling, patching, overlay, and drainage on Carolina Ave. in Washington Parish: $1,847,121.80
  • Milling, patching, overlay, and drainage on LA 879 between LA 585 and LA 2 in West Carroll Parish: $4,808,203.65
  • Milling and patching on LA 1 between LA 490 and LA 119 in Natchitoches Parish: $1,199,822.64
Congestion Mitigation and Safety:
  • Striping and signage throughout Acadia Parish: $627,932.85
  • Safety improvements to various curves on state highways throughout Lincoln, Ouachita, and Union parishes: $6,269,405.50
When bids for projects are received, an “apparent low bidder” is identified, although the process of actually finalizing and awarding the contract takes about 30 days. Bids deemed outside of a certain range typically trigger a more extensive review. DOTD will continue to monitor increases in bid prices related to supply chain and workforce issues. After a review, DOTD may opt to have the project re-bid.

Construction projects are prioritized by road/bridge condition, urgency of improvements, type/volume of traffic, crash records, unforeseeable emergencies that caused damage, and several other factors.

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