Dept. of Transportation and Development Announces Bid Results for Statewide Projects
Tuesday, June 14, 2022 at 10:08:54 AM
BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) announced today that 17 projects around the state received bids recently. Fourteen contractors presented apparent low bids totaling $160.6 million. Of note is a major $136.5 million project to create a new interchange at U.S. 90 and Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. in Lafayette Parish. This project is part of the future I-49 corridor, and another example of moving a major, much-needed project forward.

“Among several smaller projects that were recently let, we’re extremely pleased to begin a major construction project in Lafayette,” said DOTD Secretary Shawn D. Wilson, Ph.D. “This project is the construction of a new interchange at U.S. 90 and Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. This major undertaking looks to our state’s future as it builds an interstate-grade interchange that will be incorporated into the future I-49 South corridor. This is a great day for Louisiana’s residents, visitors, and truckers carrying freight throughout the state, as it will provide improved connectivity between Lafayette and New Orleans. Special thanks to our legislators who worked hard this session to provide historic levels of funding to DOTD; without them, this Ambassador Caffery project wouldn’t be a reality.”

The projects and their apparent low bids are as follows:

Congestion Mitigation and Safety:
  • New interchange at Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. and U.S. 90/future I-49 in Lafayette Parish: $136,521,559.76
  • Raising of roadway elevation of LA 75 3 miles north of LA 404 in Iberville Parish: $1,319,747.30
  • Extension of left turn lanes on LA 39 at LA 47 in St. Bernard Parish: $743,259.90
  • J-turn on LA 67 at Blount Rd. in East Baton Rouge Parish: $453,848.76
  • Turn lanes on U.S. 61 at S. Clark St. and Johnson St. in Orleans Parish: $392,643.40
  • Striping and signing on local roads throughout Caddo Parish: $1,487,644.71
Bridge Replacement and Repair:
  • Repair of Jefferson Hwy. overpass on U.S. 61 in East Baton Rouge Parish: $762,095.00
  • Replacement of bridge on Pleasant Ridge Rd. over Rabbit Branch in LaSalle Parish: $946,569.30
Pavement/ Overlay:
  • Grading, milling, patching, overlay, and drainage on LA 15 between LA 131 and U.S. 84 in Concordia Parish: $9,894,787.10
  • Grading, milling, patching, overlay, and drainage on LA 676 between Jefferson Island Rd. and LA 14 in Iberia Parish: $3,645,863.37
  • Patching, wheelchair ramps, and repair of sidewalks, curbs, and gutters on LA 426 between LA 73 and Sherwood Forest Blvd. in East Baton Rouge Parish: $1,853,728.40
  • Maintenance and operation of rest areas on I-49 and I-10 in St. Landry and St. Martin parishes: $439,135.00
  • Maintenance and operation of rest areas on I-20 in Lincoln and Madison parishes: $572,320.00
  • Sidewalks in downtown Berwick in St. Mary Parish: $202,382.40
  • Sidewalks along U.S. 190, Bellevue St., Market St., Court St., and Main St. in St. Landry Parish: $465,478.31
  • Sidewalk rehabilitation along LA 24 and LA 182 in Terrebonne Parish: $459,219.40
  • Sidewalks and streetlight rehabilitation on LA 14-X in Vermilion Parish: $480,890.72
When bids for projects are received, an “apparent low bidder” is identified, although the process of actually finalizing and awarding the contract takes about 30 days. Bids deemed outside of a certain range typically trigger a more extensive review. DOTD will continue to monitor increases in bid prices related to supply chain and workforce issues. After a review, DOTD may opt to have the project re-bid.

Construction projects are prioritized by road/bridge condition, urgency of improvements, type/volume of traffic, crash records, unforeseeable emergencies that caused damage, and several other factors.

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