New DOTD Advertisement for Contract Nos. 44-24650 - 44-24657 IDIQ Geotechnical Services
Tuesday, June 07, 2022 at 7:27:12 AM


***UPDATE: IDIQ for Geotechnical Services Advertisement is found under 4400024651***

Attention Consultant Community,

***CONSULTANTS MUST SUBMIT THEIR SINGLE PROPOSAL ON THE DOTD FORM 24-102 DATED MARCH 1, 2022 (See yellow highlights for revisions)***

A new DOTD Advertisement has been posted for the following project(s):

CONTRACT NOS. 4400024650, 4400024651, 4400024652, 4400024653,
4400024654, 4400024655, 4400024656 AND 4400024657

This advertisement replaces the recently withdrawn advertisement for Contract Nos. 4400023858, 4400023859, 4400023870, 4400023871, 4400023872, 4400023873 and 4400023874. Please note the following changes:
  1. Number of contracts to be awarded increased from 7 to 8 contracts.
  2. CyberSecurity Training article on page 7 has been added.
  3. Traffic Engineering Process and Report Training requirements on page 7 has been revised to add the following in bold: This Course must be completed no later than the time the proposal is submitted or show proof of registration for the Course from the LTRC’s Registration site.
  4. Reference link for CyberSecurity Training on page 9 has been added.
  5. MPR No. 4 from the prior advertisement has been removed for the new advertisement.
Current advertisement postings can be found at the CCS Website link below:

Upcoming projects can be found on the projected advertisements website link below:

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