DOTD provides Anacoco Lake Status Update, Vernon Parish
Friday, May 06, 2022 at 10:24:05 AM

DOTD provides Anacoco Lake Status Update, Vernon Parish

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) advises the public that actions are still underway to identify and resolve the cause of the water management gate malfunction at Anacoco Lake in Vernon Parish which resulted in the inability of DOTD to completely close the gate.

A design is currently being developed to provide a means of adequately dewatering the management structure as well as allow personnel to view the gate mechanism in its entirety and properly evaluate the cause of the malfunction. The design is expected to allow for the Anacoco Lake water level to be maintained near or above the spillway crest elevation until the gate can be restored to full functioning capabilities.

Due to rainfall events immediately prior to the original scheduled date of gate closure, an extensive amount of debris had been deposited by the water current and collected against the trash guard in front of the management structure as the Lake level rose naturally. This nonvisible debris below the water surface inhibits the complete installation of a bulkhead in front of the structure.

DOTD has used available in-house resources to remove as much debris as it could reach below the water surface and installed a temporary bulkhead above that point. This has provided for a significant retention of water in the Lake and reduced the amount of flow which can reach the gate.

However, there is still enough seepage through the debris where the bottom portion of the gate mechanism cannot be fully viewed nor safely inspected. Remaining work will have to be performed by outside contractors through the contract process and procedures.

The continued patience and understanding of the public is appreciated while the process of a resolution develops.

Questions may be directed to Jonathan L. Lachney, ADA of Engineering at 318-561-5103 or Brad Sticker, State Dam Safety Official at 225-379-3006.