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***UPDATE - The link below can be used by consultants to access the Cyber Security Training.***


In accordance with La. R.S. 42:1267(B)(3) and the State of Louisiana’s Information Security Policy, if the Consultant, any of its employees, agents, or sub-consultants will have access to State government information technology assets, the Consultant’s employees, agents, or sub-consultants with such access must complete cybersecurity training annually, and the Consultant must present evidence of such compliance annually and upon request. The Consultant may use the cybersecurity training course offered by the Louisiana Department of State Civil Service without additional cost.

For purposes of this Section, “access to State government information technology assets,” means the possession of credentials, equipment, or authorization to access the internal workings of State information technology systems or networks. Examples would include but not be limited to State-issued laptops, VPN credentials to credentials to access the State network, badging to access the State’s telecommunications closets or systems, or permissions to maintain or modify IT systems used by the State. Final determination of scope inclusions or exclusions relative to access to State government information technology assets will be made by the Office of Technology Services.

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