Materials Sampling Manual Revision - Foreword, Introduction and Schedules
Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 11:30:47 AM
Subject: Materials Sampling Manual Revision - Foreword, Introduction and Schedules

The 2016 Materials Sampling Manual has been revised.

I. Independent Assurance Sampling and Testing Program, S701 – fully revised and simplified program; fillable forms.

II. New Foreword and Introduction – updated and clarified; added new purpose of “Batch Certification”; clarified “Resampling” and “Visual Inspection”.

III. Clean-up of Schedules – to make content more up-to-date and relevant for Project Engineers.
a. Removed “IA” which is fully covered in S-701
b. Removed “Source Approval”, except those that may be sampled at the project level such as RPCC and BCS. (Source Approval is covered in the AML Qualification Procedures.)
c. Changed some “Preliminary Source Approval” to “Batch Certification”.
d. Removed the Distribution column, as most distribution is now automated.

For the published versions go to: LADOTD - Inside La. DOTD – Engineering – Materials Lab – Materials Sampling Manual – 2016 Materials Sampling Manual

Here are a few excerpts from the new MSM Introduction:

Batch Certification (was Preliminary Source Approval) - Preliminary test representing a specified batch quantity of material sampled at the source or the distribution facility by the supplier or the Department. If the material meets specifications, the test results are referenced on a Certificate of Delivery and the batch is certified. Certified batch materials can be accepted at the project site by Certificate of Delivery. Batch certification may also provide reference data for comparison with subsequent verification or acceptance test results. Batch Certification (was preliminary source approval) sampling is not routinely performed by the PE.

Visual inspection shall always be performed at the work site or point of delivery, even if the material has been previously sampled, tested, or certified. For some materials, the MSM specifically requires visual inspection. In this case, the visual inspection may be considered as “acceptance” in accordance with the MSM, and will not require further testing. For still other materials, the MSM says, “Visual inspection, sample if questionable.” Regardless of the acceptance method, all materials may require sampling if they are regarded to be questionable through visual inspection.

Resampling is appropriate when the original material is changed either by reworking the material or by adding new material and reworking. The resampled material will be used for determining the material's conformance to contract requirements.

Resampling can also occur when a sample is determined to be “not representative”, whether passing or failing. One or two new samples shall be taken from the same material and area as the original sample to check the original results. At the discretion of the engineer, the “check” samples will be used for determining the material's conformance to contract requirements.

Resampling will not be conducted to avoid a payment adjustment for failing results unless there is a defective sample.

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