Highlights of Revised DOTD Form 24-102 dated October 26, 2020
Monday, October 26, 2020 at 12:12:47 PM


Proposals for ten advertisements have now been evaluated by the Project Evaluation Teams under the new DOTD evaluation process. Based on those evaluations and questions asked by consultants during the new process, changes have been made to the DOTD Form 24-102 to improve the process. The changes of significance and some reminders are highlighted below:

1) In Section 12, the requirement that the percentage estimated for each evaluation discipline be not less than 5% has been eliminated. The consultant’s proposal may reflect any percentage for each evaluation discipline identified; however, the evaluation disciplines must total 100%. As a reminder, the percentages for the prime and sub-consultants must total 100% for each evaluation discipline.

2) In Section 13, consultants are to use the DOTD Job Classification list to the maximum extent possible; however, when a unique job classification is required and not included in the DOTD Job Classification list, the consultant may identify that unique job classification as follows: For example, if a pilot is required, the consultant should identify that job classification as “Other (Pilot)”.

3) In Section 15, if applicable, identify all personnel performing traffic engineering analysis and/or QC of traffic engineering analysis by placing an asterisk next to their name. In addition, include the certificates required by the Traffic Engineering Process and Report Training Requirements article of the advertisement in new Section 22.

4) In Section 16, the requirement to restate the MPR narrative in the consultant’s proposal has been eliminated. It is now acceptable to simply state the MPR number.

5) In Section 17, rather than attaching any certificates and/or licenses required by the advertisement here, place all certificates and/or licenses required by the advertisement in new Section 22.

6) In Section 18, as a reminder, projects are to be limited to a total of 30 with no more than 10 projects being represented by a single firm on the team. All projects identified after the first 30 or first 10, respectively, will not be evaluated.

7) In Section 19, as a reminder, the consultant’s approach and methodology is limited to four pages. If more than four pages are included, all pages after the fourth page will not be evaluated.

8) In Section 21, it is no longer necessary to total the Remaining Unpaid Balance column. As a reminder, if there are no active contracts with a remaining unpaid balance, place N/A or $0 in the Remaining Unpaid Balance column.

9) Section 22 is a new section entitled Certifications/Licenses. If the advertisement requires submission of certificates and/or licenses, include them here. Otherwise, leave this section blank.

10) Section 23 is a new section entitled QA/QC Plan and/or Work Plan. If the advertisement requires submission of a QA/QC Plan and/or a Work Plan, include them here. Otherwise, leave this section blank.

11) The changes above are reflected in the DOTD Form 24-102 dated October 26, 2020. Until further notice, proposals in response to all advertisements closing on or after October 26, 2020 must be submitted on the DOTD Form 24-102 dated October 26, 2020. The October 26, 2020 version can be found at the following link under Forms: http://wwwsp.dotd.la.gov/_layouts/download.aspx?SourceUrl=/Inside_LaDOTD/Divisions/Engineering/CCS/Forms/24-102%20DOTD%20Form%20October%2026,%202020.docx

12) As a reminder, there will only be one DOTD Form 24-102 submitted per consultant team. Previously, the prime consultant and each sub-consultant had to submit individual DOTD Forms 24-102 that were bound together. Now the prime consultant’s and each sub-consultant’s information is consolidated on a single DOTD Form 24-102.

13) As a reminder, proposals must be received by DOTD via email no later than 3:00 p.m. on the designated date. If a proposal is sent prior to 3:00 p.m. but received by DOTD after 3:00 p.m., it will not be considered.

The information above can also be found in a pdf format (24-102 DOTD Form Revisions October 26, 2020) at the following link:

DOTD Consultant Ads Section 80

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