New DOTD Apparent Selection for Advertisement Nos. 44-19167, 44-19168, 44-19314, 44-19317, 44-19318, 44-19551, and 44-19555, Off System Highway Bridge
Friday, September 18, 2020 at 10:51:44 AM
Attention Consultant Community,

A new DOTD project Apparent Selection has been posted to the DOTD website for the following projects:

Contract No. 4400019167
Off System Highway Bridge Program
West Racca Rd / East Grand Marais Ditch
State Project No. H.014235.5
F.A.P. No. H014235
Jefferson Davis Parish

Contract No. 4400019168
Off-System Highway Bridge Program
Comeaux Road / Steep Bayou
State Project No. H.014234.5
F.A.P. No. H014234
Richland Parish

Contract No. 4400019314
Off-System Highway Bridge Program
Savanne Road over Hanson Canal
State Project No. H.014267.5
F.A.P. No. H014267
Terrebonne Parish

Contract No. 4400019317
Off System Highway Bridge Program
Lefort Bypass Road over Cutoff Bayou
State Project No. H.014270.5
F.A.P. No. H014270
Lafourche Parish

Contract No. 4400019318
Off System Highway Bridge Program
Monroe Fabre over Bayou Des Glaises
State Project No. H.014273.5
F.A.P. No. H014273
Avoyelles Parish

Contract No. 4400019551
Off-System Highway Bridge Program
Cedarcrest Avenue over Weiner Creek
State Project No. H.014319.5
F.A.P. No. H014319
East Baton Rouge Parish

Contract No. 4400019555
Off-System Highway Bridge Program
Van Buren Street over Corporation Canal
State Project No. H.014320.5
F.A.P. No. H014320
East Baton Rouge Parish

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