Boh Bros. Construction Co. apparent successful proposer for new College Drive Exit
Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 3:54:22 PM
Baton Rouge – Today, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Secretary Shawn D. Wilson was joined by state and local officials to announce the price proposal openings for the I-10 & I-12 College Drive Exit in East Baton Rouge Parish. Boh Bros Construction Company is the apparent successful proposer for the design-build contract for this $52.3 million project. The execution date for this contract is scheduled for August 2020. Once the design phase is completed, construction is anticipated to begin in early 2021, with an estimated completion of late fall 2022.

“This is an important step in improving the I-10 corridor through the Capitol Region,” said Gov. John Bel Edwards. “Once again, the state is moving forward a large, much-needed project using innovative delivery and funding mechanisms that make these long-awaited projects a reality.”

These proposals were reviewed extensively for their ability to efficiently complete the project while minimizing effects on the traveling public before making this decision. Each of the proposals presented offered a unique and efficient design that would reduce traffic congestion in the area.

“This long overdue capacity improvement project in the Capitol Region has been on the books for years and was attempted by several administrations,” said Secretary Wilson. “With the leadership and confidence of Governor Edwards and our state leaders, the department was able to deliver this project through the inaugural use of GARVEE bonds. This new exit will not solve all the traffic congestion along this corridor, but will contribute greatly to reducing the amount of conflict points for motorists crossing the interstate to reach the College Drive exit, making it much safer.”

Boh Bros. Construction Company’s proposal eliminates the need for an additional structure by realigning existing I-12 westbound traffic to more closely follow the I-12 eastbound alignment and spanning both I-12 eastbound and I-12 westbound with a new I-10 westbound bridge. Westbound traffic will be able to exit to College Drive without crossing through mainline interstate traffic. Additionally, this alignment avoids additional visual and noise impacts to surrounding businesses and neighborhoods during and after construction. Their plan incorporates Accelerated Bridge Construction techniques for demolition and construction of the new bridge, simplifying construction sequencing and maintenance of traffic and resulting in greatly reduced impacts and inconvenience to the public.

“While reducing traffic congestion throughout the capital region is critical, we must address the impact felt to our local communities,” said Senator Cleo Fields. “I applaud the DOTD and the design team who addressed the concerns of our neighboring citizens thru innovation by reducing the impact to our local neighborhoods.”

“Improving the traffic conditions on the I-10 corridor through Baton Rouge has been a top priority for many years,” said Senator Franklin Foil. “The much needed redesign and construction at College Drive will not only reduce traffic congestion, but will also be safer for our citizens and the thousands who pass through our city each day.”

“Addressing the traffic conditions of the capital region is a giant puzzle that requires participation from our state and local officials, as well as our federal partners,” said Representative Scott McKnight. “Thanks to DOTD and their vision for this critical piece for what’s going to be a transformative project.”

The College Drive Exit project is part of a larger project to widen I-10 from LA 415 in West Baton Rouge Parish to Essen Lane on the I-10/ I-12 split in East Baton Rouge Parish.