Proposal and Signature Requirements
Monday, April 13, 2020 at 4:12:22 PM

Question 1. Is the “electronic signature” that is acceptable to CCS and to which the notification below refers a certified digital signature through a third party or simply a digital version of a signature applied to a PDF document?

Answer 1: CCS will accept and consider as the ‘original’ signature on the 24-102 ONLY a certified digital signature through a third party service. A digital version of a signature applied to a PDF or any otherwise formatted document will not suffice, and it will not be considered, as the original signature.

Question 2. With regard to the notice below, does the “electronic signature” apply to ALL Form 24-102 signatures, Prime and Sub-consultants, or only the Prime’s 24-102 signature?

Answer 2: It applies only to the Prime consultant’s signature. CCS only requires an original signature of the Prime consultant on the 24-102. Sub-consultant signatures may be PDF copies or digital versions of a signature applied to a PDF.

Question 3. While CCS is accepting emailed 24-102s, is the USB flash drive containing the 24-102 still required to be submitted?

Answer 3: The flash drive does not have to be submitted if the 24-102 is emailed with an electronic signature. All others should submit the flash drive with the original signed DOTD 24-102.



Proposals for 4400019167, 4400019168, 4400019169, 4400019180, 4400019181 and 4400019293 are due on April 16, 2020 by 3:00 p.m. As a reminder, all proposals must be submitted via email to no later than the proposal deadline. If your proposal has an electronic signature, no further action is required. If your proposal does not have an electronic signature, but is merely a pdf copy, please submit via US Mail, FedEx or UPS the original signed DOTD Form 24-102 by the closing deadline, if possible, or within a reasonable time thereafter.

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