Bridge Design Technical Memorandum No 36.1 (BDTM.36.1) - Recall Number Request
Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 9:39:56 AM
Attention Consultant Community:

Please be advised that the following Bridge Design Technical Memorandum (BDTM) has been approved by the Bridge Design Engineer Administrator and published on DOTD Bridge Design Section website ( for implementation. The BDTM index has been updated and posted as well.

Bridge Design Technical Memorandum No. 36.1 (BDTM.36.1) – Recall Number Request

This revision to BDTM.36 notifies designers of the changes to the Recall Number Request form and the request process.

This email notification is distributed to DOTD in-house bridge design section staff, consultant firms on the DOTD solicitation list, and the people on the cc list. If you are listed as the Principle-In-Charge for a consultant firm, please inform your bridge designers of this BDTM. Thank you.


Adam Lancaster, P.E.
LA Dept. of Transportation & Development HQ
Section 25 - Bridge Design, 606D
(225) 379-1015

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