Bridge Design Technical Memorandum No.85.1 (BDTM.85.1) - Publication of Revised MASH Guard Rail Standard Plans
Friday, January 25, 2019 at 12:38:43 PM
Good Afternoon All,

Please be advised that the following Bridge Design Technical Memorandum (BDTM) has been approved by the Bridge Design Engineer Administrator and published on DOTD Bridge Design Section website ( for implementation. The BDTM index has been updated and posted as well.

Bridge Design Technical Memorandum No. 85.1 (BDTM.85.1) – Publication of Revised Highway Guard Rail (MASH) Standard Plans.

This BDTM notifies designers of the publication of revised Bridge Design “MASH Guard Rail” Standard Plans.

This revision to BDTM.85 changes the implementation of these standard plans from a project milestone basis to a hard date.

This email notification is distributed to DOTD in-house bridge design section staff, consultant firms on the DOTD solicitation list, and the people on the cc list. If you are listed as the Principle-In-Charge for a consultant firm, please inform your bridge designers of this BDTM. Thank you.


Adam Lancaster, P.E.
LA Dept. of Transportation & Development HQ
Section 25 - Bridge Design, 606D
(225) 379-1015

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