Statewide Area

04Bossier Parish School BoardMeadowview Elem. SRTS Proj.Bossier2007742-08-0005H.007089Sidewalks, crossings, bike rack, etc25130045000296300Complete - AFJ&Mc
04Claiborne Parish School BoardClaiborne Parish School Board SRTSClaiborne2008737-14-0103H.971420Flash. Beacons/Education55635225657891Complete
04Northwest La. Council of Govs.Kids on the Move!Caddo & Bossier2008737-94-0049H.971496Education 5700057000Complete
'04Northwest La. Council of Govs.Kids on the Move (Phase II)Caddo & Bossier2009737-94-0062H.006733Striping, curbs, signs, fence and walking track24450049900294400Active - AFJ&Mc Projected letting in 6 months- Paid Invoices for non-infra
04Northwest La. Council of Govs.Kids on the Move!Bossier2010737-94-0070H.006738Education and training Markings, lights, etc.16638840530206918Active -Engr. 2011 Retainer
04Northwest La. Council of Govs.South Highlands Magnet SchoolCaddo2011 H.009279Education and Training . 2600026000Active - Agreement signed waiting on Fed. Auth.
05Town of SterlingtonSRTS Sterlington Sidewalk ProjectOuachita2007742-37-0018H.007291Sidewalks, etc.2432406000249240Inactive - Town resp. for engr but ran into problems
05Town of SterlingtonA.L. Smith Elem. School SidewalkOuachita2008737-37-0012H.006577Sidewalk/Training24990029500279400Inactive - Town resp. for engr but ran into problems
05Ouachita Parish Police JuryHappy Feet Healthy StudentsOuachita2009737-37-0015H.006579Sidewalks, crosswalks, etc.191184 191184Active -AFJ&Mc Projected letting in 6 months
05Ouachita Parish School BoardHappy Feet Healthy Students (Non-Infra)Ouachita2009737-37-0016H.971447Equipment, Supplies, training, etc. 4328343283Active -
05Ouachita Ph Police JuryShady Grove ElementaryOuachita2011 H.009297Phase II Sidewalk improvements22600044000270000Active -Engr. 2011 Retainer
05Town of BerniceBernice ElementaryUnion2011 H.009278Sidewalks/bike paths and Education20900025000234000Active -Engr. 2011 Retainer
05City of GramblingAlama J. Brown Elem. & Grambling Middle SchoolLincoln2011 H.009277Sidewalks, etc.25000043000293000Active -Engr. 2011 Retainer
08City of AlexandriaRugg Elementary SRTSRapides2008737-40-0105H.006588Sidewalk/Traffic Calming2470007500254500Active - Alexandria DPW Under Construction
08Rapides Ph School DistBrame Middle & Cherokee ElementaryRapides2011 H.009299Sidewalks, crossings,etc. & edu.25000033000283000Active - Alexandria DPW
07Town of VintonSRTS Sidewalk Project in VintonCalcasieu2007742-10-0132 810-25-0011H.007118Sidewalks, bike racks, training etc207758.742733.5210492.24Complete -
07City of WestlakeShady Lane SidewalkCalcasieu2008737-10-0115H.006477Sidewalks/Crosswalks/Ed.20010045000245100Active - Sponsor (Meyer Engr) Under construction
07Beauregard Ph. School BoardSidewalks for SafetyBeauregard2009737-06-0105H.006467Sidewalks and crosswalks165925 165925Active -ECM letting in 2-3 months
07City of SulphurBurton Street SidewalkCalcasieu2009737-10-0122H.006483Sidewalks250000 250000Active - Sponsor (Meyer ). Under construction
07Calcasieu Parish Police JuryLeger Road Sidewalk (Kaufman Elementary School)Calcasieu2009737-10-0123H.006484Sidewalks2540735000259073Active - Calc. Ph. Police Jury Purchasing R/W
07Village of FentonFenton ElementaryJefferson Davis2010737-27-0002H.006528Extend and rehabilitate sidewalk100686 100686Active -Engr. 2011 Retainer
07City of SulphurS. Huntington Street Sidewalk Imrove. & RepairCalcasieu2010737-10-0127H.006486Sidewalks70400 70400Active - Sponsor (Myer)
07Town of OberlinOberlin ElementaryAllen2011 H.009298Sidewalks, crossings, etc & education25000030000280000Active - Engr 2011 Retainer Agreement in process
03City of EuniceE. Elem. Sidewalk and Bike Safety Tr.St. Landry2007742-49-0001H.007337Sidewalks and bike rack43900209545995Active - Digital Letting in 3-4 months
'03Lafayette Parish School Sys.Bicycle Safety Training in 12 SchoolsLafayette2007737-28-0004H.971432Provide bicycling safety training 57245.9657245.96Complete -
'03Lafayette Consolidated Gov.SRTS Sidewalk ProjectLafayette2007742-28-0003H.007229Sidewalks, etc.222557.56 222557.56Active - Lafayette Consol. Gov. preparing plans - Getting R/W agreements
'03Lafayette Consolidated Gov.Ossun Elementary Safe Routes to School ProjectLafayette2010737-28-0015H.006538Sidewalks and xwalks88075500093075Active -Engr. 2011 Retainer
'03Lafayette Consolidated Gov.Ernest J. Gallet Safe Routes to SchoolLafayette2010737-28-0017H.006539Sidewalks1124775000117477Active -Engr. 2011 Retainer
03Lafayette Consolidated Gov.Duson Elementary Safe Routes to School ProgramLafayette2010737-28-0019H.006540Sidewalks and xwalks37593300040593Active -Engr. 2011 Retainer
03City of New IberiaDaspit Elem. Safe Routes Ph. IIberia2008737-23-0003H.006508Sidewalks/Training/Equip.23900012000251000Active - ECM Final Plans - should be let in 2-3 months
03Town of ErathSchool Crossing and Speed EnforcementVermillion2010737-57-0003H.971461Purchase of radar trailers and hand held radar guns33300 33300Complete
03City of FranklinSRTS Project in FranklinSt. Mary2007742-51-0001H.007338Sidewalks, crosswalks, etc.281600 281600Active - Digital Letting in 3-5 months
02Town of LockportSRTS Project in LockportLafourche2007742-29-0002H.007235Sidewalks, etc.263200 263200Active - Digital letting in 2-3 months
61Assumption Parish PJNapoleonville SRTS ProjectAssumption2007742-04-0100H.001472Sidewalks, ped bridge improv.2675002000269500Complete
'62St. John the Baptist Ph.LaPlace ElementarySt. John2011 H.009282Sidewalk, signs, lights, & Edu.25000034000284000Active - Engr 2011 Retainer Agreement in process
'62Town of WalkerSRTS Walker Sidewalk ProjectLivingston2007742-32-0003 273-03-0030H.002455Sidewalks/Bicycle trail, etc.2461502000248150Complete -
'62Livingston ParishSouth Walker Elementary Sidewalk ProjectLivingston2010737-32-0005H.006555Sidewalk, signs, striping2307809380240160Active - Sponsor (MMLH). Should be let in 3-4 months
62Town of WalkerWalker Safe Route to SchoolLivingston2010737-32-0007H.006556Sidewalk/Pathway2357509932245682Active - Sponsor (MMLH). Should be let in 3-4 months
'61Louisiana State UniversitySRTS Program - Polk Elem. Original E. Baton Rouge2009737-17-0020H.971424Supplies, personnel, incentives, etc. 80008000This project was replaced with the one below after one year time expired Complete
'61Louisiana State UniversitySRTS Program - Polk Elem.E. Baton Rouge2009 H.009071Supplies, personnel, incentives, etc. 4200042000Active - Agreement is in process
'61Louisiana State UniversitySRTS Program - Buchanan Elem. Original E. Baton Rouge2009737-17-0021H.971425Supplies, personnel, incentives, etc. 80008000This project was replaced with the one below after one year time expired Complete
'61Louisiana State UniversitySRTS Program - Buchanan Elem.E. Baton Rouge2009 H.009072Supplies, personnel, incentives, etc. 4200042000Active - Agreement is in process
'61City of Baton RougeWestdale Middle SchoolE. Baton Rouge2010737-17-0024H.006499Bike/Pedestrian path, radar feedback signs225511 225511Active -Engr. 2011 Retainer
61Louisiana State UniversityLSU Univ. Laboratory SchoolE. Baton Rouge2011 H.009290Bike Lanes and edu.25000050000300000Active - Engr 2011 Retainer Agreement in process
'62St. Tammany Ph. School Bd.Safe Routes to MES (Mandeville Elem.)St. Tammany2008737-52-0009H.006598Sidwalks/Crosswalks/Ed.19500014000209000Active - ECM Final Plans - should be let in 2-3 months
'62City of HammondSafe Routes Citwide Youth Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety ProgramTangipahoa2009737-53-0012H.006606Sidewalks, education, etc.24800049995297995Active - ECM Letting 10/26/11
'62City of PonchatoulaSRTS (Tucker Elementary and Ponchatoula Junior HighTangipahoa2009737-53-0011H.006605Sidewalk, crosswalks, signs, etc.171248220171468Active - Sponsor (Spangler) Under Construction
'62City of PonchatoulaCity of Ponchatoula SRTS Phase IITangipahoa2010737-53-0015H.006607Sidewalks250000 250000Proj. combined with Phase I project - Under Construction
62Town of IndependenceIndependence SRTS ProjectTangipahoa2010737-53-0016H.006608Sidwalks2500008632258632Active - Sponsor (Spangler) Under Construction
02City of New Orleans DPWSafe Routes to Dr. Charles R. Drew Elem.Orleans2008737-36-0015H.006566Sidwalks/Signs/Etc.250000 250000Active - ECM Engineering started -
02Recovery School DistrictSafe Routes to Drew Elem. (Non-Infra.)Orleans2008737-36-0014H.971443Education/Material/Supplies 5000050000Active -
02New Orleans DPWSafe Routes to the International School of Louiaiana (Infrastructure)Orleans2009737-36-0019H.006570Sidewalk repairs, curb extensions, x walks, etc250000 250000Active - ECM Engineering started -
02International SchoolSafe Routes to the International School of Louiaiana (Non-Infrastructure)Orleans2009737-36-0020H.971444Training, promotion, equipment, etc. 5000050000No invoices
02New Orleans DPWEsperanza Charter School - Safe Routes to School Program (Infra)Orleans2009737-36-0022H.006571Sidewalks, curb extensions, crosswalks, etc.250000 250000Active - ECM Engineering started -
02United Neigborhood Organ.Esperanza Charter School - Safe Routes to School Program (Non-Infra.)Orleans2009737-36-0021H.971445Printing, incentives equipment, etc. 1522215222Note: Will have a change in Sponsor
02St. Charles ParishSt. Charles Parish Safe Routes to SchoolSt. Charles2009737-45-0001H.006592Sidewalks25000029212279212Active - Sponsor(Hebert) Should be let in 3 -4 monthsNo invoices
02City of GretnaSafe Routes to School - McDonoghvilleJefferson2010737-26-0017H.006524Sidewalks, Striping, etc24749850000297498Active - Engr 2011 Retainer Agreement in process
02City of GretnaSafe Routes to Schools - JonestownJefferson2010737-26-0018H.006525Sidewalks, Striping, etc24749750000297497Active - Engr 2011 Retainer Agreement in process
02City of New Orleans DPWE. P. Harney SchoolOrleans2011 H.009308Curb ramps, countdown signals, edu25000036000286000Active - Engr 2011 Retainer Agreement in process
99Louisiana State PoliceLSP Bicycle Safety TrainingStatewide2007737-99-0880H.971565Bike Rodeo's/Helmet Giveaways 143208.39143208.39Active -
99Safe Kids Louisiana, Inc.LA SRTS/SAFEKIDS PartnershipStatewide2008737-99-0952H.006935Walk-to-School Events 1800018000cancelled