Proposal H.014198.6 Item Summary

Scheduled for Letting 06/08/2022  

NOTE: Items and quantities shown are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to revision.
0001202-02-02020Removal of Asphalt Pavement SQYD7.2
0002202-02-03000Removal of Base – Soil Cement, Asphalt, or BCS SQYD7.2
0003202-02-06100Removal of Concrete Walks and Drives SQYD447.47
0004202-03-38000Relocation of Sign (Remove, Store, & Re-Install Signs)EACH3
0005203-01-00100General Excavation CUYD30
0006203-07-00100Borrow (Vehicular Measurement) CUYD60
0007502-01-00200Asphalt Concrete, Drives, Turnouts and Miscellaneous TON5.5
0008706-01-00100Concrete Walk (4" Thick) SQYD337.5
0009706-04-00100Handicapped Curb Ramps Type Three RampsEACH3
0010707-01-00100Concrete Curb (Barrier)(6")LNFT130
0011707-01-00100Concrete Curb (Barrier)(8")LNFT70
0012710-01-00100Flowable Fill (Class R Concrete Fill)CUYD12
0013713-01-00100Temporary Signs and Barricades (Includes Temporary Business Entrances)LUMP1
0014715-01-00100Topsoil CUYD2
0015719-01-02020Plants (Tree) (Container) (1-1/2 inch cal) (Ilex Cassine, 'STD Dahoon Holly', Male Type)EACH4
0016719-02-00100Top Dressing Mulch (3" Depth) SQYD7
0017727-01-00100Mobilization LUMP1
0018728-01-00050Jacked or Bored Pipe (1") (1" PE Water Line)LNFT40
0019732-01-02000Plastic Pavement Striping (4" Width) (Thermoplastic 125 mil) LNFT150
0020732-04-08000Plastic Pavement Legends and Symbols (Handicap Markings) (4" Width - Blue) LNFT20
0021732-04-08040Plastic Pavement Legends and Symbols (Handicap Parking) EACH2
0022740-01-00100Construction Layout LUMP1
0023741-02-00050Gate Valve (1") EACH1
0024741-05-02040Water Service Line (1" Polyethylene) (Or 1" Copper)LNFT310
0025741-11-00200Adjusting Water Valve and Meter Box EACH7
0026741-18-00001Valve Box (For 1" Gate Valve)EACH1
0027805-01-00900Class A1 Concrete (Connection with Concrete Walk)CUYD48.36
0028822-01-00100Trenching and Backfilling LNFT240
0029822-02-00100Conduit w Conductors (PVC/HDPE) (3/4") (3 - #12 AWG)LNFT25
0030822-02-00200Conduit w Conductors (PVC/HDPE) (1") (3-#8 AWG)LNFT490
0031822-02-00200Conduit w Conductors (PVC/HDPE) (1") (4 - #8 AWG)LNFT185
0032822-03-00100Conductors (3 - #10 AWG) (Installed in Existing Conduit)LNFT170
0033822-04-00400Jacked or Bored Casing (1" PVC or Sch 80) (Electrical)LNFT365
0034822-07-02800Luminaire (36 Watt) (LED Lamp Modified and Installed)EACH5
0035822-15-02100Relocate Light Poles (14' Ground Mounted)EACH5
0036822-22-00100Underground Marker Tape (3")(Detectable) LNFT240
0037NS-500-00340Saw Cutting Asphalt Concrete Pavement INLF1,590
0038NS-600-00220Saw Cutting Portland Cement Concrete Pavement INLF4,530
0039NS-MSC-00080Detectable Warning Surface Retrofit for Curb Ramps EACH1
0040TS-700-00200Trench Drains (18" Wide)LF70
0041TS-700-00200Trench Drains (30" Wide)LF14
0042TS-706-02000Concrete (Decorative Surface Treatment) (Cleaning Concrete Surfaces)SQYD441
0043TS-719-00020Pavers (Brick) (Furnished and Installed)SQFT150
0044TS-719-00050Irrigation System (Furnished and Installed)LUMP1
0045TS-800-00300Handrail (Furnished and Installed)LNFT14
0046TS-822-05020Electrical Appurtenance (120 V, 20-Amp GFI Receptacle)EACH5
0047TS-MSC-20080Tree Well Planter (Located at Ramps)EACH4