Proposal H.014672.6-R1 Item Summary

Scheduled for Letting 01/12/2022  

NOTE: Items and quantities shown are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to revision.
0001202-02-00050Removal of Bridge SectionLUMP1
0002202-02-04510Removal of Bridge Deck (Hydro Demolition) Full DepthSFIN938
0003713-01-00100Temporary Signs and Barricades LUMP1
0004713-02-00100Temporary Pavement Markings (4" Width) LNFT7,505
0005713-08-00100Temporary Precast Concrete Barrier (Department Furnished) EACH66
0006713-11-00100Portable Changeable Message Signs EACH5
0007727-01-00100Mobilization LUMP1
0008731-02-00100Reflectorized Raised Pavement Markers EACH734
0009731-03-00100Removal of Raised Pavement Markers MILE0.355
0010732-02-02000Plastic Pavement Striping (Solid Line) (4" Width) (Thermoplastic 90 mil) MILE0.857
0011732-03-04001Plastic Pav't Striping (Broken) (7" Width) (Preformed Tape) (Retroreflectivity Level I) (Black and White Contrast) MILE0.71
0012732-05-00100Removal of Existing Markings MILE0.355
0013740-01-00100Construction Layout LUMP1
0014804-17-00100Construction Site Survey LUMP1
0015805-01-00200Class A1 Concrete (Deck) CUYD12.75
0016805-08-00300Precast-Prestressed Concrete Girders (Type II) LNFT50
0017805-18-00100Concrete Finish (Class 2 Rubbed Finish) SQFT326
0018805-18-00200Concrete Finish (Class 3 Special Finish) SQFT326
0019806-01-00100Deformed Reinforcing Steel LB3,950
0020807-01-00100Structural Metalwork (Grade 36) LUMP1
0021810-01-00110Concrete Bridge Railing (32 inch Height) LNFT50
0022814-01-00100Elastomeric Bearing Pads (Non-Reinforced) SFIN2
0023815-01-00100Unsealed Expansion Joint (End Dams) LNFT19
0024830-01-00100Bridge Superstructure Repair (Strand Splicing)EACH1
0025830-07-00100Structural Concrete Patching SQFT3
0026NS-830-01200Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Repairs SQFT82