Proposal H.011223.6 Item Summary

Scheduled for Letting 10/13/2021  
I-10: N.O. CBD 5 (I-510 TO END OF TWIN SPAN)

NOTE: Items and quantities shown are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to revision.
0001202-02-02020Removal of Asphalt Pavement SQYD1,567.66
0002202-02-14500Removal of Guard Rail LNFT2,269.5
0003202-02-38220Removal of Sign Supports EACH84
0004202-02-38300Removal of Sign and U-Channel Post EACH62
0005202-02-38330Removal of Sign Cantilever and Footing EACH1
0006202-02-38360Removal of Sign Faces EACH161
0007202-02-38380Removal of Sign Truss and Footings EACH9
0008203-07-00100Borrow (Vehicular Measurement) CUYD128.32
0009502-03-00200Asphalt Concrete (4" Thick) SQYD2,373.37
0010704-03-00200Blocked Out Guard Rail - 31", (6'-3" Post Spacing) LNFT606.25
0011704-03-00300Blocked Out Guard Rail – 31”, (3’-1 ½ ” Post Spacing) LNFT618.75
0012704-05-00300Guard Rail Anchor Sections - 31", (Trailing End) LNFT69.3
0013704-07-00200Guard Rail Transitions (Double Thrie Beam) LNFT25
0014704-10-00120Guard Rail End Treatment, MASH, (TL-3 Flared) EACH8
0015706-03-00300Incidental Concrete Paving (6" Thick) SQYD208.5
0016713-01-00100Temporary Signs and Barricades LUMP1
0017713-08-00100Temporary Precast Concrete Barrier (Department Furnished) EACH255
0018722-01-00100Project Site Laboratory EACH1
0019727-01-00100Mobilization LUMP1
0020729-01-00100Sign (Type A) SQFT1,964.1
0021729-01-00103Sign (Type A)(Relocate) SQFT312.6
0022729-02-00100Sign (Type B) SQFT36.8
0023729-04-00100Sign (Type D) SQFT1,240.5
0024729-05-00100Sign (Type E) SQFT584
0025729-06-00100Sign (Overhead Mounted) SQFT4,175
0026729-08-00100Mounting (2 1/2" Size Post) EACH3
0027729-08-00200Mounting (3 1/2" Size Post) EACH54
0028729-08-00210Mounting (3 1/2" Size Post)(Structure Mount) EACH22
0029729-08-00310Mounting (5" Size Post)(Structure Mount) EACH7
0030729-08-00600Mounting (W6 x 12 Size Post) EACH28
0031729-08-00800Mounting (W8 x 24 Size Post) EACH6
0032729-09-00200Mounting (Overhead Truss) (Ground Mounted) (66' Span) EACH1
0033729-09-00300Mounting (Overhead Truss) (Ground Mounted) (72' Span) EACH1
0034729-09-00400Mounting (Overhead Truss) (Ground Mounted) (78' Span) EACH1
0035729-09-00500Mounting (Overhead Truss) (Ground Mounted) (84' Span) EACH2
0036729-09-00600Mounting (Overhead Truss) (Ground Mounted) (90' Span) EACH1
0037729-09-00900Mounting (Overhead Truss) (Ground Mounted) (108' Span) EACH1
0038729-11-00100Mounting (Overhead Cantilever) (Ground Mounted) EACH3
0039729-13-00100Mounting (Bridge Fascia Mounted) EACH2
0040729-16-00300Object Marker Assembly (Type 3) EACH17
0041729-18-00100Milepost Assembly (Structure Mounted) EACH2
0042729-18-00200Milepost Assembly (Structure Mounted) (Secondary) EACH3
0043729-19-00300Dead End Road Installations (Type C) T-IntersectionEACH1
0044729-19-00400Dead End Road Installations (Type D) End of RoadwayEACH1
0045729-20-00600Footings for Overhead Mountings (Cantilever) EACH3
0046729-20-00700Footings for Overhead Mountings (Truss) EACH14
0047729-22-00200Square Tubing Post with 2-1/4" Omni-Directional Anchor EACH3
0048739-01-00100Hydro-Seeding ACRE0.07
0049740-01-00100Construction Layout LUMP1
0050NS-700-00810Impact Attenuator (Construction Zone)(Test Level 3) EACH15
0051NS-713-00009Portable Changeable Message Sign (with communications) EACH6
0052NS-729-00029Breakaway Square Tubing Sign Support w/ Mowing Pad EACH42
0053NS-729-00031Breakaway Square Tubing Sign Support (Surface Mount) EACH21