Proposal H.014539.6 Item Summary

Scheduled for Letting 07/14/2021  

NOTE: Items and quantities shown are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to revision.
0001713-01-00100Temporary Signs and Barricades (C.S. 055-07)LUMP1
0002713-01-00100Temporary Signs and Barricades (C.S. 397-03)LUMP1
0003727-01-00100Mobilization (C.S. 055-07)LUMP1
0004727-01-00100Mobilization (C.S. 397-03)LUMP1
0005TS-821-01100Swing Span Bridge Machinery (C.S. 397-03)LUMP1
0006TS-821-02100Vertical Lift Bridge Machinery (C.S. 055-07)LUMP1
0007TS-822-09100Electrical System CENTER PIER OUTLET REPAIR (C.S. 397-03)LUMP1
0008TS-822-09100Electrical System ELECTRICAL SERVICE POINT REPAIR (C.S. 397-03)LUMP1
0009TS-822-09100Electrical System JUNCTION BOX REPAIR (C.S. 397-03)LUMP1
0010TS-822-09100Electrical System LIMIT SWITCH REPAIR (C.S. 397-03)LUMP1
0011TS-822-09100Electrical System MECHANICAL SPAN LOCK ASSEMBLY REPAIR (C.S. 055-07)LUMP1
0012TS-822-09100Electrical System MECHANICAL WEDGE ASSEMBLY REPAIR (C.S. 397-03)LUMP1
0013TS-822-09100Electrical System MEGGER TEST (C.S. 397-03)LUMP1
0014TS-822-09100Electrical System NAVIGATION LIGHT REPAIR (C.S. 055-07)LUMP1
0015TS-822-09100Electrical System NAVIGATION LIGHT REPAIR (C.S. 397-03)LUMP1
0016TS-822-09100Electrical System RECEPTACLE REPAIR (C.S. 055-07)LUMP1
0017TS-822-09100Electrical System SERVICE LIGHT REPAIR (C.S. 055-07)LUMP1
0018TS-822-09100Electrical System SERVICE LIGHT REPAIR (C.S. 397-03)LUMP1
0019TS-822-09100Electrical System SNAP ACTION LIMIT SWITCH REPAIR (C.S. 055-07)LUMP1
0020TS-822-09100Electrical System SUBMARINE CABLE REPAIR (C.S. 397-03)LUMP1
0021TS-823-01200Bridge Operator's House Renovation INTERIOR DAMAGE (C.S. 055-07)LUMP1
0022TS-823-01200Bridge Operator's House Renovation ROOF (C.S. 055-07)LUMP1