Proposal H.011828.6 Item Summary

Scheduled for Letting 01/13/2021  

NOTE: Items and quantities shown are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to revision.
0001201-01-00100Clearing and Grubbing LUMP1
0002202-02-00010Removal of GatesEACH2
0003202-02-04501Removal of Bridge (STA. 145+11.25 to STA. 145+90.25)(24' x 79' Timber Bridge)LUMP1
0004202-02-06100Removal of Concrete Walks and Drives SQYD187
0005202-02-12000Removal of Fence COMB. MESH & B/W)LNFT35
0006202-02-12020Removal of Fence (Chain Link) LNFT1,351
0007202-02-32100Removal of Pipe (Cross Drain) (15", 18", 24", 36", 42" EQ., and 84")LNFT336
0008202-02-32120Removal of Pipe (Side Drain) (6", 10", 12",15", 18", 36", 54", and 60")LNFT692
0009202-02-32140Removal of Pipe (Storm Drain) (24", 42", and 48")LNFT48
0010202-02-38300Removal of Sign and U-Channel Post EACH25
0011203-01-00100General Excavation CUYD300
0012203-02-00100Drainage Excavation CUYD325
0013203-03-00100Embankment CUYD5,823
0014203-10-00100Cleaning Existing Ditches LNFT12,672
0015204-02-00100Temporary Hay Bales EACH133
0016204-05-00100Temporary Sediment Check Dams (Hay) EACH1
0017204-06-00100Temporary Silt Fencing LNFT18,860
0018401-01-00100Aggregate Surface Course (Net Section) CUYD20.7
0019402-03-00100Non-Mainline Traffic Maintenance Surfacing (Aggregate) (Vehicular Measurement) CUYD717.4
0020502-01-00100Asphalt Concrete TON4,631.9
0021502-01-00200Asphalt Concrete, Drives, Turnouts and Miscellaneous TON209.8
0022509-01-00100Milling Asphalt Pavement SQYD21,033
0023510-01-00200Pavement Patching (12" Minimum Thickness) SQYD371
0024510-02-00100Pavement Widening (10" Minimum Thickness)SQYD4,433.3
0025701-01-02240Cross Drain Pipe (72" RCP or 84" CMP) LNFT132
0026701-02-01000Cross Drain Pipe Arch (24" Equiv. RCPA) LNFT72
0027701-02-01020Cross Drain Pipe Arch (30" Equiv. RCPA) LNFT34
0028701-02-01060Cross Drain Pipe Arch (42" Equiv. RCPA) LNFT30
0029701-02-02260Cross Drain Pipe Arch (84" Equiv. RCPA or 96" Equiv. CMPA) LNFT86
0030701-03-01002Storm Drain Pipe (15" RCP/RPVCP) LNFT120
0031701-03-01042Storm Drain Pipe (24" RCP/RPVCP) LNFT44
0032701-03-01062Storm Drain Pipe (30" RCP/RPVCP) LNFT164
0033701-03-01092Storm Drain Pipe (42" RCP/RPVCP) LNFT34
0034701-03-01140Storm Drain Pipe (60" RCP) LNFT38
0035701-04-01000Storm Drain Pipe Arch (15" Equiv. RCPA) LNFT162
0036701-04-01020Storm Drain Pipe Arch (18" Equiv. RCPA) LNFT106
0037701-04-01040Storm Drain Pipe Arch (24" Equiv. RCPA) LNFT30
0038701-04-01080Storm Drain Pipe Arch (36" Equiv. RCPA) LNFT68
0039701-04-01100Storm Drain Pipe Arch (42" Equiv. RCPA) LNFT604
0040701-04-01120Storm Drain Pipe Arch (48" Equiv. RCPA) LNFT774
0041701-04-01140Storm Drain Pipe Arch (54" Equiv. RCPA) LNFT422
0042701-04-01160Storm Drain Pipe Arch (60" Equiv. RCPA) LNFT140
0043701-04-02180Storm Drain Pipe Arch (Outfall) (72" Equiv. CMPA) LNFT142
0044701-05-01022Side Drain Pipe (15" RCP/RPVCP/CMP) LNFT176
0045701-05-01043Side Drain Pipe (18" RCP/RPVCP/CMP) LNFT98
0046701-05-01062Side Drain Pipe (24" RCP/RPVCP/CMP) LNFT40
0047701-05-02042Side Drain Pipe (Erosion) (18" RPVCP/CMP) LNFT164
0048701-05-02102Side Drain Pipe (Erosion) (36" RPVCP/CMP) LNFT360
0049701-09-00100Pipe Fittings (18" CMP "T")EACH1
0050701-17-00100Trench Excavation Safety Protection (Depth >5 feet) LNFT2,570
0051702-02-00100Manholes (MH-06) EACH2
0052702-03-00010Catch Basins (WEIR INLETS, SEE SHEET 42)EACH2
0053702-03-00100Catch Basins (CB-01) EACH4
0054702-03-00200Catch Basins (CB-02) EACH11
0055704-03-00200Blocked Out Guard Rail - 31", (6'-3" Post Spacing) LNFT37.5
0056704-07-00200Guard Rail Transitions (Double Thrie Beam) LNFT100
0057704-10-00105Guard Rail End Treatment (Flared, 12' - 6" Length) EACH1
0058704-10-00310Guard Rail End Treatment, NCHRP 350 - 31" (TL-3 Flared) EACH3
0059705-02-00100Combination Mesh & Barbed Wire Fence LNFT114
0060705-05-00100Double Swinging Driveway Gates DBGT1
0061705-06-00300Chain Link Fence (6-Foot Height) LNFT1,363
0062706-02-00200Concrete Drive (6" Thick) SQYD243.7
0063711-01-04000Riprap (55 lb, 18" Thick) SQYD18
0064711-01-05000Riprap (130 lb, 24" Thick) SQYD966
0065711-04-00100Geotextile Fabric SQYD984
0066713-01-00100Temporary Signs and Barricades LUMP1
0067713-04-01000Temporary Pavement Markings (Solid Line) (4" Width) MILE3.525
0068713-11-00100Portable Changeable Message Signs EACH5
0069716-01-00100Mulch (Vegetative) TON1.4
0070720-01-01000Erosion Control System (Slope Protection) (Type A) SQYD575
0071720-01-02000Erosion Control System, Flexible (Channel Liner) (Type C) SQYD584
0072720-01-02020Erosion Control System, Flexible (Channel Liner) (Type D) SQYD294
0073726-01-00100Bedding Material CUYD622
0074727-01-00100Mobilization LUMP1
0075729-01-00100Sign (Type A) SQFT89.3
0076729-01-00103Sign (Type A)(Relocate) SQFT5
0077729-02-00100Sign (Type B) SQFT26.3
0078729-08-00100Mounting (2 1/2" Size Post) EACH3
0079729-16-00300Object Marker Assembly (Type 3) EACH19
0080729-22-00100Square Tubing Post with 2-1/4" Anchor EACH30
0081731-02-00100Reflectorized Raised Pavement Markers EACH463
0082732-01-02080Plastic Pavement Striping (24" Width) (Thermoplastic 125 mil) LNFT67
0083732-02-02000Plastic Pavement Striping (Solid Line) (4" Width) (Thermoplastic 90 mil) MILE3.51
0084735-01-00100Mailboxes EACH32
0085735-02-00100Mailbox Supports (Single) EACH32
0086739-01-00100Hydro-Seeding ACRE5.65
0087740-01-00100Construction Layout LUMP1
0088804-01-00300Precast Concrete Piles (16") LNFT1,560
0089804-17-00100Construction Site Survey LUMP1
0090804-18-00100Vibration Monitoring DAY15
0091805-01-01000Class A1 Concrete (Headwalls) 2-96" EQ. CDPACUYD72.86
0092805-12-00600Bridge Superstructure and Substructure (28' Roadway, 75 Degree Crossing) SQFT2,800
0093805-18-00100Concrete Finish (Class 2 Rubbed Finish) SQFT1,194
0094805-18-00200Concrete Finish (Class 3 Special Finish) SQFT1,194
0095806-01-00100Deformed Reinforcing Steel LB6,410
0096813-01-00100Concrete Approach Slabs (Cast-in-Place) (28' CLEAR ROADWAY, 75 DEGREE CROSSING, WITH ASPHALT)SQFT580
0097NS-300-00060Geogrid SQYD278.9
0098NS-500-00340Saw Cutting Asphalt Concrete Pavement INLF203
0099NS-600-00220Saw Cutting Portland Cement Concrete Pavement INLF464