Proposal H.010204.6 Item Summary

Scheduled for Letting 08/12/2020  

NOTE: Items and quantities shown are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to revision.
0001201-01-00100Clearing and Grubbing LUMP1
0002202-01-00100Removal of Structures and Obstructions LUMP1
0003202-02-00030Removal of Sanitary Sewer Pipe (6") CL-160 PVCLNFT40
0004202-02-00030Removal of Water Main (12")LNFT40
0005202-02-02000Removal of Asphalt Drives SQYD400
0006202-02-02020Removal of Asphalt Pavement SQYD2,991
0007202-02-06060Removal of Concrete Catch Basin EACH8
0008202-02-06100Removal of Concrete Walks and Drives SQYD2,086
0009202-02-06140Removal of Curbs (Concrete) LNFT547
0010202-02-32100Removal of Pipe (Cross Drain) See Drainage Plan Sheet 11LNFT336
0011202-02-32100Removal of Pipe (Cross Drain) See Drainage Plan Sheet 14LNFT113
0012202-02-32120Removal of Pipe (Side Drain) See Drainage Plan Sheet 12LNFT566
0013202-02-32140Removal of Pipe (Storm Drain) See Drainage Plan Sheet 11LNFT356
0014202-02-32140Removal of Pipe (Storm Drain) See Drainage Plan Sheet 12LNFT321
0015202-02-32500Removal of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement SQYD7,455
0016202-02-38300Removal of Sign and U-Channel Post EACH21
0017203-01-00100General Excavation CUYD11,275
0018203-03-00100Embankment CUYD9,920
0019203-10-00100Cleaning Existing Ditches LNFT988
0020204-02-00100Temporary Hay Bales EACH48
0021204-06-00100Temporary Silt Fencing LNFT3,956
0022302-02-10000Class II Base Course (10" Thick) SQYD11,216.5
0023304-01-00100Lime TON159.27
0024304-05-00100Lime Treatment (Type E) SQYD11,217
0025502-01-00100Asphalt Concrete TON245.8
0026502-01-00200Asphalt Concrete, Drives, Turnouts and Miscellaneous TON19.3
0027509-01-00100Milling Asphalt Pavement SQYD1,253
0028509-02-00100Contractor Retained Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement CUYD-2,506
0029510-01-00102Pavement Patching (8" Minimum Thickness) SQYD144
0030510-01-00200Pavement Patching (12" Minimum Thickness) SQYD73
0031510-02-00100Pavement Widening (12" Minimum Thickness)SQYD1,145.1
0032601-01-00300Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (9" Thick) SQYD10,529.1
0033601-01-00900Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (12" Thick) SQYD646.7
0034601-04-00100Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Coring EACH7
0035701-01-01001Cross Drain Pipe (24" RCP) LNFT62
0036701-03-01002Storm Drain Pipe (15" RCP/RPVCP) LNFT672
0037701-03-01022Storm Drain Pipe (18" RCP/RPVCP) LNFT249
0038701-03-01042Storm Drain Pipe (24" RCP/RPVCP) LNFT172
0039701-03-01062Storm Drain Pipe (30" RCP/RPVCP) LNFT524
0040701-05-01021Side Drain Pipe (15" RCP/RPVCP/CPEPDW/CMP) LNFT55
0041701-05-01042Side Drain Pipe (18" RCP/RPVCP/CPEPDW/CMP) LNFT43
0042701-05-01061Side Drain Pipe (24" RCP/RPVCP/CPEPDW/CMP) LNFT153
0043701-05-01081Side Drain Pipe (30" RCP/RPVCP/CPEPDW/CMP) LNFT110
0044701-07-00300Yard Drain Pipe (8") LNFT108
0045702-03-00100Catch Basins (CB-01) EACH7
0046702-03-00300Catch Basins (CB-04) EACH8
0047702-03-00500Catch Basins (CB-06) EACH14
0048702-04-00100Adjusting Manholes EACH6
0049702-04-00200Adjusting Catch Basins EACH8
0050702-08-00100Side Drain Safety End (Type 1) EACH5
0051703-01-00100Shoulder Underdrain Systems LNFT290
0052703-02-00100Shoulder Outlet Underdrains EACH2
0053706-02-00200Concrete Drive (6" Thick) SQYD2,183.4
0054706-03-00050Incidental Concrete Paving (3" Thick) SQYD986.2
0055707-01-00200Concrete Curb (Barrier) LNFT859.4
0056707-03-00100Combination Concrete Curb and Gutter LNFT4,675.8
0057708-01-00100Right-of-Way Monument EACH29
0058708-02-00100Right-of-Way Monument Witness Post EACH29
0059710-01-00100Flowable Fill CUYD6.5
0060713-01-00100Temporary Signs and Barricades LUMP1
0061713-02-00100Temporary Pavement Markings (4" Width) LNFT8,034
0062713-03-02000Temporary Pavement Markings (Broken Line) (4" Width) (10' Length) MILE0.1
0063715-01-00100Topsoil CUYD357
0064722-02-00100Project Site Laboratory (Equipped) EACH1
0065725-01-00100Temporary Detour Roads SQYD1,231.1
0066726-01-00100Bedding Material CUYD176.7
0067727-01-00100Mobilization LUMP1
0068728-01-00400Jacked or Bored Pipe (8") 8" PE (SDR11)LNFT167
0069729-01-00102Sign (Type A)(Furnish and Install) SQFT95.3
0070729-02-00102Sign (Type B)(Furnish and Install) SQFT350.5
0071729-16-00300Object Marker Assembly (Type 3) EACH4
0072729-22-00100Square Tubing Post with 2-1/4" Anchor EACH47
0073731-02-00100Reflectorized Raised Pavement Markers EACH222
0074732-01-02080Plastic Pavement Striping (24" Width) (Thermoplastic 125 mil) LNFT183
0075732-02-02000Plastic Pavement Striping (Solid Line) (4" Width) (Thermoplastic 90 mil) MILE1.996
0076732-02-02040Plastic Pavement Striping (Solid Line) (8" Width) (Thermoplastic 90 mil) MILE0.183
0077732-03-02000Plastic Pavement Striping (Broken Line) (4" Width) (Thermoplastic 90 mil) MILE0.651
0078732-03-02010Plastic Pavement Striping (Dotted Line)(4" W)(2' L)(Thermo 90 mil) MILE0.013
0079732-03-02060Plastic Pavement Striping (Dotted Line)(24" W)(2' L)(Thermo 90 mil) MILE0.047
0080732-04-01020Plastic Pavement Legends and Symbols (Arrow - Straight) EACH6
0081732-04-01080Plastic Pavement Legends and Symbols (Arrow - Left Turn) EACH4
0082732-04-01131PlstcPvmtLgnds&Sym(DirArrRndbt-Fshk)(Type LTC) EACH4
0083732-04-01132Plstc Pvmt Lgnds and Symb (Dir Arr Rndbt - Fshk) (Type TRC) EACH4
0084732-05-00100Removal of Existing Markings MILE0.591
0085739-01-00100Hydro-Seeding ACRE2.43
0086740-01-00100Construction Layout LUMP1
0087740-02-00100Utility Oversight and Coordination LUMP1
0088741-01-01080Water Main (6" PVC) LNFT78
0089741-01-01100Water Main (8" PVC) LNFT276
0090741-01-01140Water Main (12" PVC) LNFT40
0091741-02-00300Gate Valve (6") EACH2
0092741-02-00400Gate Valve (8") EACH6
0093741-04-00100Fire Hydrant EACH2
0094741-05-01040Water Service Line (1" PVC) LNFT95
0095741-08-00100Relocating Water Meter (4" Meter, Gate Valve, & Line)EACH1
0096741-08-00100Relocating Water Meter 1" MeterEACH3
0097741-13-00100Removing Fire Hydrant Valve and LineEACH2
0098742-01-00300Sanitary Sewer Pipe (6") LNFT40
0099802-03-00100Temporary Sheeting (Steel) SQFT8,991
0100NS-500-00300Traffic Maintenance Asphalt Concrete TON237
0101NS-500-00340Saw Cutting Asphalt Concrete Pavement INLF1,061
0102NS-600-00220Saw Cutting Portland Cement Concrete Pavement INLF7,155
0103NS-702-00100Paved Gutter Drain EACH17